first I"d prefer to say that i placed the song exactly how we song it in spanish yet I also put the translation of you track in this comment

this is how we sing it in spanish, the room sommes distinctions like:1 in english it says that children are weak but Jesus is strong: ellos son debiles pero El es fuerte. And in spanish variation it claims that the is ours faithful friend: quien es nuestro amigo fiel.also in part churches thay change bien lo sé because that si soy fiel(if I"m faithful) (in the matches number 2)they also readjust the matches number 3:your translation would certainly be favor this:

Cristo me ama, bien lo sé

Cristo me ama, bien lo sé,Su Palabra me hace ver,Que los niños son de aquel,ellos boy debiles pero El(Jesus) es fuerte.

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Coro:Cristo me ama,Cristo me ama,Cristo me ama,La Biblia dice así.

Cristo me ama, pues murió,Y el cielo me abrió;El mis culpas quitará,Y la entrada me dará.


Cristo me ama, me ama aun,aunque yo sea debil y enfermo;su amor permanecera conmigo por siemprecercano detras de mi todo el dia.


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I love this song, and also I"m so glad it"s accessible in Japanese! And, this is the ONLY location I"ve ever before been may be to discover it in Arabic!Please store working on much more languages-- how around Baluchi and also Pashto?


I love this song, and I"m so glad it"s available in Japanese! And, this is the ONLY place I"ve ever before been maybe to find it in Arabic!Please store working on an ext languages-- how about Baluchi and also Pashto?

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