Hallmark Movies and also Mysteries star Alison Sweeney (The Chronicle Mysteries) was already a household name, thanks to her day project on Days of our Lives together Sami Brady, when in 2001 she included a gift a girlfriend of Friends to her resume. In season seven’s tenth illustration (The One v Joey’s Award ), Sweeney appeared as fictitious Days star Jessica Ashley, who was nominated because that a Soapy Award but was can not to attend the gala ceremony. She won the award for best Supporting Actress and her climate Days co-star Joey (Matt LeBlanc) gladly welcomed the compensation on her behalf. However, as soon as Joey and also Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) check to provide it come Jessica, the daytime diva discarded it rather of placing that on her trophy shelf, selecting instead to conserve the an are for “real awards.” Thinking back on the experience during an exclusive interview with aramuseum.org, Sweeney exclaimed, "That was super fun! i can"t think it"s to be 15 years because Friends ended, and it’s insane the it’s 25 years due to the fact that it began! At the time I walk it, the display was huge, and they were currently syndicated.

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“I’d gone to Days for countless years by that point,” she continued. “We were so excited when Joey gained the storyline the he was on the show. It was just so funny for us and also we"d constantly watch speculating what they’d perform next. They actually created some stuff that was parallel to what few of our actors to be doing. There to be a Jim Reilly reference in there. He wrote Days the Our resides for countless years, for this reason we constantly loved the idea.”

According come Sweeny, she audition was easy. “Well, the was usually me gift me,” she laughed. Yet getting the call to it is in a part of one of the best sitcoms at the moment was an additional story. “It yes, really was just an honor to it is in included and also be a component of miscellaneous so large in our popular society -- then and now,” she said. “To obtain that contact to carry out the show and play a soap opera diva to be so funny … and also what one opportunity! It to be really amazing and fully different indigenous anything I had done. You kind of obtain used to what girlfriend do, so i walked ~ above that set thinking that was every versions that the very same thing, but it wasn"t in ~ all. I"d done part sitcom occupational when i was very young, but it to be a quick wake-up contact to how things to be done and how details they were about every single word. I vividly mental the script supervisor prompting me ~ above every detail. Ns realized an extremely quickly the comedy hinges top top every single beat.”

Sweeney also told me the being able to sit top top the set and watch the writers shot out jokes and also make human being laugh throughout rehearsals is one of her favourite memories the the experience. “Just how specific and good they were at their jobs, at being funny and making those jokes work, the entirety medium fascinated me,” she said. (Sweeney is pictured above, left, v McKenzie Westmore, who appeared in the illustration as a presenter in ~ the Soapy Awards. Westmore would later hold Syfy"s long-running Face Off.)

Before officially ending up being a girlfriend of Friends, Sweeney already had a connection to the lover sitcom via her Days co-star john Aniston, who plays ruthless businessman Victor Kiriakis. “I did have actually a link to Jennifer, discovering her dad,” she shared. “Jen and I talked around that a small bit. She dad is such a lovely guy, and a fun human being to occupational with, through such a dry feeling of humor. That was one more fun thing about doing Friends, making the connection.”

For the actress, Jessica Ashley is a role she’s happy to be reminded of with every rerun. "People tweet me all the time whenever the rerun is on or castle watching it on Netflix,” she laughed. "I do get that a lot. It"s hilarious due to the fact that people are constantly like, ‘Wait a second, why was your hair red for the role?’

“The exciting thing about being top top a show like days for numerous years is you go through all of those young adult moments like wanting to adjust your hair,” she recalled. “So those things get reflected on television and also for certain you check out yourself cultivation up. Yes, ns was a redhead for about two years, and also I loved it, yet it was just hard to save the red hair up.”

Sweeney has her personal favorite friends episode, the one through Susan Sarandon as Days star Jessica Lockhart (The One v Joey’s brand-new Brain), and also if you were wondering everything happened to that Soapy Award, she can answer that, too. “I did not acquire to save the compensation after all that,” she laughed. “That to be a heartbreaker, yet the storage of it to be worth it.

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The was just fun, and very much a wonderful discovering experience, and also I"m now forever a friend of Friends.”

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