This news is for this reason shocking we literally can’t think it. And thanks come our posters because that bringing it come our attention.

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Jeanne Bice’s daughter, Lee Bice, 47, passed away July 1, almost a month after the fatality of her beloved mother. Jeanne died of cancer June 10.

It that course makes us think the the tragedy of losing her mom, the queen the Quacker Factory. Killed her, damaged her heart.

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And that is specifically what Lee’s brother said, follow to point of view Smedley, who regularly represented Quacker factory on QVC.

“Tim & his wife stated it was from a damaged heart,” Smedley posted. “That is all i know.”

The Quacker factory website has a photograph of Lee, which just says, “Terry Lee Bice, February 17, 1964 – July 1, 2011.”

Apparently, QVC has actually not recognized that Lee, that often showed up on-air with her mom, has actually passed away.

Here is what one woman posted ~ above QVC’s community boards:

I ask the you please identify the passing of Jeanne’s daughter Lee in the same expert manner friend did when Jeanne passed only a few short main ago.

She was an integral component of the Quacker Factory and a special on air “guest” personality during shows in the past couple of years…

This is a shocking, twin loss for the Bice family and friends in together a short time.

Prayers are sent to your families and friends throughout this complicated time…Together, Jeanne and also Lee will sparkle the heavens for all to see, as the night sky has two new stars above us all…

Bless friend both… say thanks to you because that years of Quacker happiness!

96 Responses come “Second Tragedy: QVC Quacker factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Daughter Dies simply Weeks after HerMom”

JAM Says:July 12, 2011 in ~ 1:10 am | reply

I am in utter shock and disbelief and also immense sadness?

I didn’t also know Jeanne and also Lee to be ill? ns don’t feel like I have the right to properly grieve bc ns did not understand they were ill to pray because that their improved health and also life. I will miss them. They are angels ~ above earth and now in heaven.

I feel just awful asking this…what did each pass from?

I never ever knew they to be ill. I am angry i didn’t know to send castle extra, extra, extra well wishes and also tons the prayers. I feel simply so terribly sad and also guilty for not knowing

If anyone could answer mine very an individual questions, I’d evaluate it. Ns feel choose knowing an ext about your passings might assist me to get over the shock and also total shock and help me to grieve. Ns am i m really sorry if this upsets anyone. That is my pure last wish. I’m trying to cope!

PATSY LEMASTER Says:July 12, 2011 at 4:15 to be | answer

Im certain schocked to hear about Lee Bice death. I FEEL as THOUGH QVC fan IT TO every one of QUACKER manufacturing facility CUSTOMERS THE TRUTH about WHAT occurred TO LEE. I additionally FEEL choose QUACKER manufacturing facility MADE ALOT of MONEY because that QVC and also FOR THEM no TO permit EVERYONE recognize WHAT has HAPPENED to OUR QF household IS A TRAGEDY and also I display OF RUDENESS and also GREED on QVC. The GOES TO display THAT MONEY IS THE root OFALL EVIL. Shame ON you QVC. YOU simply LOST A CUSTOMER.

Zia Says:July 30, 2011 at 7:39 to be | reply

I find it tragic the QVC has ignored this. There have been numerous reports of her death being a suicide because of the intense grief of losing her mommy which makes me wonder if that is the factor QVC has actually remained mum. Regardless of exactly how she passed away she deserves to it is in acknowledged and I’m shocked they have actually not discussed it.

Cindy Says:January 2, 2012 in ~ 5:24 am | answer

Thought you can be interested in seeing a keep in mind from Tim Bice ~ above the Quaker manufacturing facility website. I miss out on Jeanne and Lee so much, us all recognize it won’t rather be the exact same without them, however I recognize they would favor us to proceed quacking along and also supporting your goals, ideals and clothing. Tim posted a beautiful connect to Jeanne’s home. The is for this reason stunning, I can just snapshot her at home, it is for this reason warm and welcoming…just like Jeanne. Here is the link, it absolutely helped me v closure. Give thanks to you, Tim, for thinking of her plenty of fans. We all send our love.

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Rose Young-Stewart Says:September 30, 2012 in ~ 6:56 to be | reply

It was a self-destruction as Lees’ reason of death. It ~ no something anyone should be ashamed of or awkward to talk about. That is prefer saying well if you have actually AIDS climate we will tell world you have actually leukemia. Tome, that takes a very solid person to take their very own life. A lot shot it however are unsuccessful. Permit this matter be talked around by those that loved her and also her clothes ideas and also if anyone wants to speak openly around it, permit them , please don’t downplay the cause of Lee’s death.