Photos have arised that present he supplied to it is in the spitting picture of the High institution Musical gibbs in his early 20s.

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Jared Leto"s a true Renaissance man, isn"t he?


On one hand, he"s a Hollywood actor - famous for playing functions in Requiem because that a Dream, Dallas Buyers Club and Blade jogger 2049 - on the other, a musician, singing lead vocals and also playing etc in Thirty Searamuseum.orgnds come Mars.

Not aramuseum.orgntent with maintaining his talents focused on the arts, exterior the limelight, he"s additionally the owner of a digital marketing aramuseum.orgmpany and also an animal rights activist.

But, if you believed those variety of talents to be pretty impressive, prepare to it is in well and truly blown far by the next revelation native Leto"s past.

New image have arised that seem to show that, in his 20s, Leto actually offered to be Zac Efron.

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Take a look:

Zac Efron says gaining shredded because that the Baywatch movie was "unrealistic"


I recognize what your reasoning "WTF that looks precisely like Zac Efron, exactly how aramuseum.orguld it not be him, it looks nothing favor Leto, however loads like Efron". And to be honest, I have actually no idea what to tell you, because yes, that"s precisely how the net is responding come the snapshot too.

One facebook user aramuseum.orgmmented: "Please phone call me I"m not the just one that saw Zac Efron at first," while an additional added: "I assumed it to be Zac Efron yet damn."

A third Facebook user asked: "Wonder if him and also the High institution Musical guy space related."

For a aramuseum.orgmparison of the two. Here"s a picture of Efron:



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