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items Description: analyze descriptionITHACA S X S 16 ga. Double Barrel Shotgun. An extremely Good. 28" Barrel. Shining Bore, Tight action One Beautiful Old Girl! Stunning Spiraled Damascus Barrels, finely Knurled hard Rib, case Hardened Receiver v Bird Dog On allude Engravings. Unique Checkered Splinter Forend, twin Trigger with facility Position release Lever. Distinct Owner used Leather target Pad. Stocks are In Nice form with No visible Cracks. This pistol Comes approximately Shoulder Fast, has actually a slight Left cast for best Hand use. She Points right Where friend Look. Includes Antique Wooden and Brass cleaning Rod as well as Brown Gun guard Lockable Case. . SN:NSN 1909USA (36008)
Internet Premium : 18%This auction firm offers a 3% discount come the net Premium once paying by cash or check. Please check out Payment Instructions below for much more information.">Cash Payment Discount:3% participation Requirements: Valid credit Card required for bidding approvalPayment Options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Check, Money Order, wire Transfer, and CashVisaMasterCardDiscoverAmerican ExpressPayment Instructions: web Bidding Only. Shipping solutions are Available. 18% Buyers Premium Applies. Your net bids are a contract and you space responsible for honoring them. If girlfriend have any kind of Questions, Please email info
gunauctionsusa.com or speak to 888-659-9909. Please arrange because that Pickup or Shipping within 20 work of Auction near Date, In-House Shipping solutions are Available. Florida Sales Tax uses to Florida occupants unless a FL Sales taxes Exemption is Provided.Please evaluation YOUR INVOICE CAREFULLY. Check are embraced from the registered bidder with suitable identification and also appropriate time because that clearing of funds. Cash & bank Wire funds are likewise accepted. The is a commonwealth crime to create a non-sufficient fund inspect or cancel a credit transaction card transaction ~ above a guns purchase – us report the gun together stolen come the ATF and also local law enforcement – there is a mandatory prison sentence because that the thefts of a firearm – so bear this in mind once writing a appropriately authorized personal check or using a credit transaction card. Currency Type: USDShipping Instructions: complimentary Pickup is easily accessible (Shipping fees contained on her invoice whereby applicable) - background checks apply where applicable. Us ship as easily as possible, provide payment & FFL information and we generally ship within 48 hours. We will work hard to keep costs down. We provide shipping price quotes on your invoice for her convenience. Firearm shipping averages $25/handgun and also $33/rifle. Multi-gun discounts of favor items apply.AUCTION firearms WON BY the end OF STATE BIDDERS: If you space not a Florida resident, we will certainly ship your guns to your local gun dealer. Shipping fees apply and also are had on your invoice.TAKING POSSESSION the AUCTION FIREARMS: us absolutely watch all Federal and also State total laws. We organize a Federal weapons License in Florida. Preview date & Times: firearms for Online and also Live total Auctions will certainly be on screen at gun Auctions USA, 13200 Belcher Rd South, Largo, FL 33773 (Mon. – Fri. 10am come 5pm) extr Times by Appt.Checkout day & Times: Auctions purchases should be choose up within 20 job of the auction near date. Gun Auctions USA to make reservation the best to resell items in ~ auction that have not been picked up within a reasonable quantity of time. Communication is Appreciated.Location: 13200 BELCHER RD S, Largo, FL 33773Driving Directions: SW edge of Ulmerton & Belcher in Largo, FL - 15 mile West that Tampa worldwide Airport.Visit Us and also Enjoy Our local Beaches!!!
Invoices will certainly be emailed to successful bidders within 24 hrs of auction close, be certain to contact us easily if you execute not receive your invoice. Many items will close in the order detailed on the website. Every Bidders will certainly be hosted accountable for their net bids. Your net bids room a contract and you space responsible because that honoring them.The removal Deadline for all items in this auction is 20 calendar work after the nearby of the Auction. Please contact us before bidding if unique arrangements are crucial for one extension. On-site shipping services is obtainable for packaging, shipping services. Total Auctions USA to make reservation the best to resell item that have not been picked up within a reasonable quantity of time.Gun Auctions USA, llc would prefer Buyers to feeling they have been treated relatively and salary a same price for the items based upon their condition. Please perform not get in a bid at a price the is higher than you space comfortable paying for any kind of individual item based on its condition. There will certainly be no adjustments come the last bid price after ~ bidding has ended.All item in this auction are marketed on an "AS IS" basis with no warranties or representations whatsoever, one of two people expressed or implied. No Gun Auctions USA, gmbh nor the Sellers make any warranties or depictions of any kind of kind through respect to the building or that is value, and also in no occasion shall they it is in responsible for correctness that description, genuineness, attribution, provenance, authenticity, authorship, completeness, condition of the building or calculation of that value. No declare (oral or written) in the catalog, during inspection, or in other places shall be reputed such a warranty or representation, or any assumption of responsibility. Without LIMITING THE GENERALITY of THE FOREGOING, THE WARRANTIES that FITNESS because that A certain PURPOSE and also MERCHANTABILITY ARE expressly DISCLAIMED. Know YOUR LAWS prior to BIDDING: us reserve the ideal to refuse a bidding account come anyone. Under no circumstances may you use for a bidding account if you are under any type of kind of a handicap in regards to possessing a firearm of any kind. No exceptions. Also, if you cannot possess a firearm, you have to NOT enter our auction basic in Largo, Florida. We room an FFL dealer, so every federal and state firearm regulations govern every aspect of these online auctions and any infractions will certainly be immediately reported come local legislation enforcement agencies and also the ATF. You have to be 21 to purchase rifles or shotguns and also 21 to acquisition a handgun. You have to be age 21 to purchase lengthy gun ammunition and age 21 or larger to purchase handgun ammunition. You room responsible for understanding if her state bars a certain form of firearm/ammo/accessory from being shipped to you. If friend purchase an object that cannot be transport to your state, we will auction this item in ~ the next auction and also mail girlfriend a inspect minus a consignment fee. Know your state/federal guns laws prior to bidding. Note additionally that gun Auctions USA, llc does not under any kind of circumstances pay, nor room we responsible for any kind of fees associated with your hometown FFL – the is in between you and your FFL dealer. No exceptions.
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