HI. So i am a freshmen and also i simply took geometry in ninth grade. Honestly the was straightforward for me. So i was reasoning if is must skip Algebra 2 for 10th grade, like need to i examine the whole course during the summer and when i come ago to school study pre-calc. I plan on doing 10th grade: Pre-calc 11th: Ap Calc BC 12th: AP stats? or anything rather

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That mathematics track is comparable to what ns did, so it's really doable! ns personally take it AP Calc abdominal muscle junior year, yet you have the right to use precalc come see how confident you feel about higher-level math. You'd probably want to double-check v your college counselor that you're allowed to take Algebra 2 over the summer and review what summer programs align v your school's criteria.

My PreCalc course was very similar to mine Trigonometry class. If you're great with Trig, I would certainly say you're in good shape to take it PreCalc. And just wanted to let friend know, my Algebra 2 course was very comparable to my Statistics class. Girlfriend will want to retain your Alg 2 knowledge for Stat! expect this helps!

Hi there, i took algebra two, and also from my experience, the was means too easy, i e yes take algebra 2 in the summer and also take pre-Calc, a more tough class, in person. Like
said, check with your school and also counselor to check out if it’s possible, yet otherwise it’ll it is in great, we can assist you on the math if you need it :)

I had the ability to teach myself Algebra II and also Precalc exclusively through khan Academy, therefore it's certainly possible. Algebra II to be pretty easy, too. If you carry out self teach over the summer, make sure that you're cursed to discovering it in depth, due to the fact that it's vital to have actually a base expertise of Algebra going into harder maths, plus you'd have to do some placement tests/evaluations to make certain you learned every one of the material. (I'm in the procedure of doing the rn.) Make sure you're aware of that and contact your institution counselor because that details, earlier rather than later. The being claimed I'd walk for it!! of course, it's approximately you though, since it will certainly take work and you have to be all in.

So assuming you took Alg1 in either HS or MS currently and you have actually room in your schedule for all other classes friend want and need take climate I’d advise taking Alg1. I just finished my school and also when ns took PreCalc ns really relied top top Alg2 knowledge. Yet the vast caveat is my institution is very highly regarded so each class was more challenging then the mean school so to speak. I’d personally ask your previous mathematics teacher and counselor not simply counselor yet my teacher basically said PreCalc is Alg3 so besides needing to usage alg2 for other classes I’d say take it it based on what I understand

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