IntroAmerican football coach
IsSports coach
FromUnited claims of America
Birth13 December 1962, Ardmore
Age58 years
FamilyFather:Buddy Ryan
Siblings:Rob Ryan


Rex Ashley Ryan (born December 13, 1962) is one American football coach. Ryan was formerly the head coach of the brand-new York Jets and also Buffalo receipt of the national Football league (NFL), and likewise held various coaching positions with eight various other NFL and college teams.

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Ryan is the kid of previous head coach friend Ryan and is the fraternal twin brother of plunder Ryan. Native a young age, Ryan aspired to monitor in his father"s footsteps and also become a professional football coach. After spending the bulk of his youth in Canada, Ryan returned to the United claims as a teenager whereby he attended college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. ~ above graduating, Ryan invested the following 22 year serving as an assistant coach on different teams at both the college and also professional level.At the behest of their head coach Brian Billick, Ryan join the Baltimore Ravens in 1999 and spent nine years there. In 2005, he ended up being the defensive coordinator, and later was advocated to be the team"s assistant head coach in 2008. Ryan later welcomed a contract market from the jets for your vacant head coaching place for the 2009 season. Throughout his tenure, Ryan came to be well recognized throughout the organization for his outspoken manner, boisterous attitude, and also initial success v the Jets. In his first two seasons as the Jets" head coach, he led the team to back-to-back AFC Championship video game appearances. Ryan"s subsequent tenure to be a duration of struggles, as the Jets were unable to end up with a record over a .500 winning percentage. After ~ a job worst 4-12 document at the conclusion of the 2014 season, Ryan to be fired as the team"s head coach. Soon after his firing from the Jets, Ryan was hired to be the Buffalo Bills" head coach, wherein he lasted two years through the team before being fired in ~ the end of the 2016 season.

Early life

Rex Ryan and his fraternal twin, Rob, to be born in Ardmore, Oklahoma, on December 13, 1962, to Doris and Buddy Ryan. When the guys were aged two, your parents amicably divorced. Following the divorce, their mom attended the college of Chicago come earn her doctorate. Rex, Rob, and also their older brother Jim relocated with her to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she secured an administrative position in ~ the college of Toronto. During the food of his upbringing, Rex wanted to follow in the footsteps that his father, a defensive pioneer in the NFL recognized for emerging the 46 defense, and by age six Rex and Rob knew they wanted to pursue coaching careers.

In Canada, there was small emphasis on football, much to the disappointment of Rex. By the moment Rex to be a teenager, Doris realized he and his brothers to be too lot to take care of for a single mother do the efforts to development her career. She made decision it remained in the ideal interest of the brothers come send them come live v their father, that was the defensive line coach for the Minnesota Vikings in ~ the time. The reasons behind this to be to store them the end of trouble and to help them expand their expertise of the game of football wherein it was much more prevalent.

In 1978, as soon as Buddy was hired through the Chicago Bears together their defensive coordinator, Rex, Rob, and Jim followed their father to Illinois whereby the family worked out in Prairie View. The brothers to visit Stevenson High college in Lincolnshire.

Rex went on to to visit Southwestern Oklahoma State university in Weatherford, Oklahoma, together Rob, and played for the football team together a defensive end. He graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma in 1986, and also in 2011 was inducted right into the university"s hall of Fame.

Collegiate coaching

top top graduating indigenous Southwestern in 1986, through the assist of his father, Ryan secured a project as a graduate assistant on the division I-AA (now department I FCS) eastern Kentucky Colonels football team. At east Kentucky, he had a multitude of obligations which ranged native making copies of video game plans to picking players up at the airport. The Colonels winner the Ohio sink Conference location in the 2 years Ryan offered as one assistant. In ~ the period of 26, Ryan became the assistant head coach and also defensive coordinator at department II new Mexico Highlands for a year, during which the team led the organization in defensive turnovers. After ~ his insignificant with new Mexico Highlands, Ryan joined division I Morehead State together the defensive coordinator, wherein he stayed for four years. Throughout his tenure, the defense to be ranked among the greatest in the nation.

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After functioning for his dad for two years with the NFL"s Arizona Cardinals, Ryan returned to college coaching together the protective coordinator because that the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Bearcats winner the very first Humanitarian key over Utah State in Ryan"s last year, noting the team"s very first bowl figure in fifty years. Ryan to be the Oklahoma Sooners" protective coordinator because that a year in i m sorry the defense was ranked 6th in the nation. However, head coach john Blake failure to attain a winning document for a 3rd straight year and also subsequently, the entire staff was fired. Ryan served as protective coordinator at Kansas State for a month in 1999 under head coach invoice Snyder.