So i bought part Kraft Mac in Cheese, the type you just add water to and also put in the microwave. Mine dad left that on the table (uncooked, in that is packet), and also while i was away, mine dog, a 6kg (13 pound) bichon climed up and ate it. I think it was about two or 3 packets total. Ns don't think she ate the macaroni, simply the cheese packets

This happened a couple of hours back and she seems perfectly fine. She's active as usual, isn't showing indicators of discomfort, and hasn't thrown up. Still, I'm worried. It's late where I am and also no vets space working right now. Does anyone know if this is poisonous for them? need to I be worried?

Thank you really much for every one of your aid :)

Edit: thank you because that the fast answers! I'm therefore happy come hear :D

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She'll most most likely be fine. The isn't necessarily healthy however I doubt it would injury her besides some gastric upset, so watch of for some negative poops. If she's still having diarrhea previous the following ~24 hrs or therefore I would recommend contacting a veterinarian. Exact same if you an alert anything denote bigger difficulties (restlessness, vomiting, lethargy, etc.)

Your dog is most likely okay unless they have worries with cheese or dairy. I would store an eye on her dog is all. If she starts acting up or emotion unwell then take her to the vet.

One difficulty though: there's no Mac N Cheese were ns live (not the one that comes in a packet, at least. Ns took some residence with me indigenous a recent pilgrimage to the USA), therefore they more than likely don't recognize if it'll damage her. Second, i threw away the boxes to save suitcase space, so i can't tell castle the specific ingredients. Ns couldn't find them online either. I figured just straight increase asking people who know what type of food the is would certainly be the best

And your idea about having an emergency number with me is a very great idea. I'll look part up and include them come my contact list. Give thanks to you :)


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