Personal Details SummaryNameJacque GonzalesDate of bear / birthday / exactly how old is Jacque Gonzales / age / DOBNo evidenced information available. But it is recognized that she is end 40.Marriage & Wedding / Husband / Spouse / Love LifeJacque is married & has a daughter and also one step child.Is Jacque Gonzales quiet on QVC?No. She finished her stint over there in 2017.Children / No. Of Kids1Ethnicity / origin / legacy / RaceHispanicNationalityAmerican

Introduction :Jacque Gonzales is a QVC hold with a elevator in the company side of the music industry.

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Personal Life, family members & kids :
Jacque was born & elevated in Albuquerque, new Mexico, and also her household still resides there together of 2017.She has actually been married to her husband Jim due to the fact that 2002. Many QVC hosts attended your wedding, and also Dan Hughes and Patti Reilly were also in the bridal party.The two had met through her occupational at QVC, with him working as a jae won consultant for the residence shopping giant. They had a daughter Theresa, born in 2012. Jacque describes her daughter together ‘Baby Wolf.’Jacques is likewise an energetic stepmother come Jim’s kid Jimi, who was born in 1990.
Prior to her time v QVC, Gonzales had spent 18 years in the music and radio industry.She initially functioned for Universal Music Group in new York as a promotions manager. This role included: Developing document promotions and also marketing ; Assisting artists & Coordinating appearancesFrom there she moved right into the radio industry and has hosted a variety of roles both behind the scenes and on-air.
Jacque worked mainly together a program and also music manager behind the scenes, however her on-air co-hosting roles are as adheres to :

KOST coast 103.5, KPWR power 100 & Westwood on Satellite Radio (based in Los Angeles)KQMQ Jammin 93.1 (based in Honolulu)KXXR X106 & KBEW-Q104 (based in Kansas City)KANW 89.1 & KKSS 97.3 KISS FM (based in Albuquerque)KCAQ Q104.7 (based in Oxnard)

During she time in Honolulu, Gonzales likewise co-hosted a weekly entertainment television show, World café Party Patrol TV.She has appeared in illustration of The Practice, Clockwatchers, and The finding out Channels: A date History. Back she had fun functioning on those projects, she claimed that acting is not for she in the long run.
Jacque at some point made a move to QVC in early on 2002. She was well-known as QVC’s electronics diva (as she operated with brands like Dell, HP, Apple, Sharp, LG, Bose, win Audio, Apple), silver fanatic, shoe addict, and a stunner crafter.She was available the duty after she hosting work-related in Honolulu was lugged to the fist of a QVC executive, who felt she had the best ‘feel’ because that on-air shopping.Her move to QVC required her come relocate come Westchester, Pennsylvania yet stated it was a beautiful area come raise a family.After leave QVC in 2017, Gonzales took end the role of Inspector that Elections because that the Chester ar Government.
Since 2015, Jacque has additionally written a blog because that QVC the she supplies to share snippets of her life.It was through this blog that she made decision to expose her breast cancer fear in 2016. That year, a non-cancerous fixed was uncovered in her right breast.She has been praised through QVC fans for helping bring awareness to the prominence of mammograms.
JacqueGonzales and also currently, she has actually 20,000+ followers. ~ above Instagram too, she has over 25,000 followers.
Jacque Gonzales illness / health Update / sick : In 2016, Jacque uncovered the breakthrough of fibrous tissue on her ideal breast. Later, doctors found that that was not fatal and also cancerous however curable. After diagnosis, she increased awareness because that this concern through her regime on QVC.
Eye color : BrownHaircut / Hair shade : BrownHow high / height : No confirmed information available.Feet / legs / Shoe dimension : No shown information available.

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Pregnant ? : Currently, she is not expecting a baby.
It is a shame. Jacke g. To be a great host. Specifically when paired v Maly. Selling her off…Why go QVC let her go? clever cookie l. R. Make the appropriate move. I can see n feel various other QVC host jealousy over Lisa Rinna. She stand alone, unique!!!

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