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This mainly we celebrated the centenary of the bear of Jackie Gleason, the famous actor and comedian. He to be born in Bushwick, Brooklyn 100 year ago, on February 26th 1916.

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Jackie Gleason 1916-1987

His parental wereHerbert Walton Gleason(an insurance money auditor) and also Mae "Maisie" Kelly (from Cork), and also they baptised him john Herbert Gleason. Unfortunately, Jackie"s childhood was marred by severaltragic events.His older brother Clemence died of spinal meningitis when Jackie was just 3 year old. In 1925, when he to be 9, his father walked out on the family, just prior to Christmas, and never returned. And also Jackie"s mother passed away in 1935 leaving the destitute and also homeless. He to be 19 year old with nowhere to go.
Jackie and also his parents, life in Brooklyn, in the 1920 us Census

He did a variety of odd tasks - working in a pool hall, as a stunt driver, as a carnival barker, and also as a master of Ceremonies in a neighborhood theatre because that $4 every night. The was at some point "discovered" by Jack l Warner that Warner brother andat age 24landed a movie contract for $250 a week. Movie roles followed and also soon he was enjoying a Hollywood lifestyle, ending up being famous for his allnight next in his hotel suite. The Hotel Edisonsoundproofed his suiteout of factor to consider for its other guests!
However, the was as soon as Jackie rotate to television that his fame shot with the roof and he soon came to be America"s most renowned comedian, starring in TV mirrors such asThe Life of Riley,The Jackie Gleason Show, and also most famouslyThe Honeymooners, in which he play loud-mouthed bus driver Ralph Kramdenwhose get-rich-quick schemes had actually to be constantly quelled by his long-suffering wife Alice.
Jackie as Ralph Kramden (with Audrey Meadows)

Jackie to be a multi-talented artist and also had a photographic memory - he would review the manuscript once and shoot the display later the day. In 1964, he moved production ofThe Honeymoonersfrom new York come Miami Beach where the Jackie Gleason theater still stands. He had a variety of famous capture phrases in the show, consisting of "You’re a riot, Alice" and "One of these days, Alice, pow, best in the kisser!"
"You"re a riot, Alice!"

He was additionally a talented composer and singer. His first albumMusic for lovers Onlyholds the record for the album longest in the Billboard top Ten Charts (153 weeks). He winner a Tony award in 1960 for best Performance through a leading Actor in a musical (Take Me Along).
Jackie with Irish playwright Brendan Behan(in his dressing room duringTake Me Along)

His portrayal of pool shark Minnesota fat opposite Paul Newman inThe Hustlerwon him a best Supporting actor nomination in ~ the 1961 Academy Awards. Jackie made every his very own trick pool shots, thanks to the many years he spent as a teenager in the swimming pool halls of Brooklyn.
Another that Jackie"s most memorable personalities was the beleagured Sheriff Buford T. Justice, who appeared in all threeSmokey and also the Banditmovies (alongside Burt Reynolds and also Sally Fields). In one memorable step he turns to his inept boy Junior and also says "There is noway, noway, that you might come from mine loins. Soon as I get home, the very first thing I"m gonna do is punch your momma in the mouth."
For plenty of years that would just travel by train following an event where a plane he to be on had to do an emergency landing after shedding two engines.Jackie had a great interest in the paranormal and also was a consistent guest on an overnight paranormal radio present in the 1950"s.
Jackie has received several civic honours - he has actually a location on Brooklyn’s Celebrity route at Brooklyn Botanic Garden; in 1988 Brooklyn’s real-life 5th Avenue Bus Depot to be renamed The Jackie Gleason Depot; and also in 2000, a life-size statue the Jackie Gleason, in uniform together bus driverRalph Kramden, was installed outside the harbor Authority Bus Terminal in brand-new York City.
Jackie to be married 3 times and had 2 daughters (Geraldine & Linda) through his first wife Genevieve Halford. His daughterLinda(born 1942) became an actress and married other actorJason Miller(1939-2001). Their child is the actorJason Patric.
Jackie passed far on June 24th 1987 in ~ his Florida home. He is buried at ours Lady of Mercy Catholic Cemetery in Miami.
According to a family tree top top Ancestry, Jackie"s good grandfather to be a Joel Gleason born in 1808 in Vermont. It would certainly be interesting to uncover out if over there are any kind of male descendants who would be willing to it is in DNA-tested. This could aid clarify where Jackie"s Gleason line originated and might attach him come cousins still living today.
Jackie"s tradition lives top top in his countless movies and TV shows, several of which are accessible on YouTube, choose the episode from The Honeymooners below.

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I'm a complete fan! i learned to spell Gleason from the opened credits of The Jackie Gleason Show. Ns don't think the ancestry.com information is correct. What I thrived up hearing is the his grandfather and my great-grandfather were 2 of the 4 Gleason brothers that come over indigenous Ireland,3 settled in IL, and also the fourth (his grandfather) in the NY area. I heard this from mine dad and also aunts,who were around JG's age,and knew your Gleason grandparents - in other words,I heard it from human being who were close come the source.