Love foot massages? want a brand-new pair of heels? If you notice signs the you're date a foot fetishist, it might be a enhance made in heaven.


I have a very long background with foot fetishism. Much of the is many thanks to my dating history. My first run-in through a foot fetish occurred in high school. He was my boyfriend, and at the time, i didn't establish he had actually a point for toes until someone pointed out that he invested an not suitable amount of time rubbing mine feet.

That man was among many. An extremely many.

For reasons past my understanding, people tend to find my feet person that is abnormal attractive. Nearly every human I have ever before dated to be a fan of feet, and in plenty of cases, were more into that part of mine body 보다 the timeless parts others would certainly notice.

This in reality boded well because that me in my previous career together a fetish model. I had little problem booking well-paying gigs that associated me act little more than flaunting mine feet ~ above camera. Incidentally, mine career also helped me discover the inner workings of a foot fetishist's mind.

These days, I can pick the end a foot fetishist from a mile away. This is actually a pretty awesome thing, since I actually learned that ns enjoy having my feet rubbed, obtaining pedicures, and adore gaining gifts of shoes from time to time.

Dating a person with a thing for feet has a lot of perks. If you love obtaining your tootsies pampered, keep an eye out for the signs that you're dating a foot fetishist—and store dating the person!

Before we talk about the telltale indications of a foot fetish, let's clean the air around the subject.

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Some fetishes and kinks are pretty welcomed in society, but not this one. This fetish has actually sadly gotten a lousy (and misunderstood) reputation amongst mainstream people. They room often thought about to it is in creepy, weird, or downright gross by those who don't know foot fetishism.

Foot fetishism, also known together podophilia, isn't that uncommon. When it might not be one of the most popular sexual fetishes overall, it's high ~ above the list when it pertains to fetishizing certain body parts. Feet are the 3rd most typically fetishized non-reproductive body part following breasts and also behinds. Statistically speaking, who you know is most likely a foot fetishist.

If you thought you could tell who's a foot fetishist by how creepy they are, you space wrong. There are plenty that charming and also attractive world who are into feet. Plenty of celebrities, consisting of Ludacris, Britney Spears, Elvis Presley, and Dita Von Teese have admitted to having this fetish.

Foot fetishism likewise can take a wide range of various mannerisms. Some may be attracted to the idea of rubbing feet. Others may like seeing feet in high heels, socks, or sneakers. Others might want come sniff them, lick them, or even get trampled by them.

Many sexologists would say the it's a "spectrum" fetish, v both mild and extreme forms. So, just due to the fact that someone's right into feet doesn't typical that they desire to get smacked by your toes. It could just be something as simple as liking the idea the rubbing her feet.

Now that we've obtained that cleared up, let's talk around the signs that who you're date is a foot fetishist.

You record them staring at her feet.

Most foot fetishists are an extremely shy around their attraction come feet, specifically because it's taboo. So, numerous of them will certainly not recognize it uneven you non-judgmentally confront them around it yourself.

This leads to numerous foot lovers trying come just gain a glimpse at feet once they can. For some guys, it's actually the only means they yes, really indulge in your fetish. They simply are too shy to shot anything else.

If you notification your date stealing glances at your toes, climate you're seeing one of the an ext common indications that you're dating a foot fetishist.

Your date mentions your pedicures top top a continual basis.

Are you one of the many world who enjoy getting pedicures as a way to be safe an unwind? Most world will not notice that, simply since they don't watch at other peoples' feet long sufficient to bother looking at her toes' nail polish.

A foot fetishist, on the other hand, will certainly notice—and will most likely get turned on through it. Some could even do a comment on your nail polish together a means to cover up the reality that they're discovering your feet.

Contrary to popular belief, most foot fetishes do not like seeing dirty, ill-kempt feet. Because that most people who find feet attractive, very couple of things top a pair the polished, lotioned, and also softened up feet.

They on regular basis offer you lots of massages that often end at your feet.


Here's the thing that most civilization don't realize about dating a foot fetishist: you get lots of totally free massages. This is since most people are really shy around their feet, and most fetishists room shy about being open about their kink.

That method that the easiest method for a fetishist come get contact with your feet is to offer a earlier rub that slowly travels to your feet—or to simply play the role of supportive companion that wants to help you relax after ~ a difficult day's work.

If you an alert him looking disappointed once you revolve down a foot rub, opportunities are an extremely high that he's a foot fetishist and also was hoping to gain a little action walk on. ~ all, as soon as was the last time you've ever seen someone acquire disappointed for not being may be to spend time rubbing someone under platonically?

They do comments around your footwear, or call certain species of heels "sexy."

Many podophiles have tendency to have actually a point for a specific kind of footwear, such together stiletto heels, sneakers, sandals, or goth boots. If you notification that your day regularly makes comments about a certain form of footwear or proactively encourages you come wear a details pair the shoes, he has actually a foot fetish.

On a comparable note, numerous foot fetishists may get turned on by the plot of going shoes shopping through a lover. This is specifically true through male fetishists. If you desire to indulge him (and yourself) in a brand-new pair of shoes, imply it come him together a date idea.

He finds factors to grab your feet or tickle them.

In numerous cases, foot fetishism deserve to have a more playful next to it. This is particularly true as soon as it comes to tickle fetishists or people who often tend to get very playful in bed or for world who gain wrestling together a type of foreplay.

Though this might sound weird on paper, in action, it have the right to be really cute and downright endearing. I need to know, my present partner loves come pounce on my feet and tickle them when we silly around.

You catch your day sniffing her feet during a foot rub.

This have to be obvious, yet just in instance it's not, let me spell it the end for you. People who aren't attractive to feet won't go the end of their means to smell them, because most civilization tend to uncover the odor of a person foot to be pretty gross.

Believe that or not, most people who are into feet don't actually uncover the foot odor to be the attractive, either. A person who's trying come subtly get a noise is virtually certainly deep attracted come feet.

You caught your date "smell testing" your socks in the laundry bin.


True story: this happened to me when I was dating one guy throughout my early on 20s. I had actually a big batch the laundry that I needed to do, some of which to be (regrettably) mainly overdue.

While ns was busy solving dinner, my friend was lounging in the laundry room. It to be odd, however whatever. When I checked out grab him because that dinner, I recorded my boyfriend fishing v my wash basket, a sock throughout his face, with a boner in his hand.

Obviously, i wasn't really pleased by the privacy intrusion so i kicked him out and let him save my socks. If you see anything choose that, you're feather at among the clearer signs you're dating a foot fetishist v boundary issues.

The human in question regularly compliments your feet in means most others wouldn't.

A usual person won't compliment your feet, period. If anything, they might tell you that your feet "aren't that bad" during a foot rub that you need to badger them into doing.

Foot fetishists, though, will commonly encourage you come flaunt your feet for noticeable reasons. Lock will regularly do this through saying points like, "Your feet room so soft!" and also "Your feet look so pretty! Why aren't friend wearing sandals much more often?"

When you eliminate your shoes and also socks, your day gets quiet.

Remember just how I discussed that many people try to hide the truth that they're into feet? many foot fetishists execute well for the many part—until castle actually see the shoes of who they're yes, really attracted come come off.

Then, they can forget to save their cool. They could suddenly walk from talk casually about a random topic to being unusually quiet together you put away your shoes. Then, much like a computer system in reboot, they'll start talking again.

Your day regularly compliments your legs a lot.

Though this isn't among the an ext guaranteed indications you're dating a foot fetishist, that is a very an excellent indicator the something kinky might be afoot. (Pun intended.)

A very large percentage of foot fetishists likewise have foot fetishes as well, for this reason if girlfriend hear compliments in the direction of one, you could end up finding that they excellent the other, too.

Instead of questioning for nudes, your day asks for pictures of your feet.

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Though this isn't the most socially acceptable point to do, part foot fetishists still perform it—and a rare couple of will actually go so far regarding ask for them ideal off the bat on dating sites. Creepy? probably a little, however it's a pretty specific indicator that you're dating someone who's into feet.

When friend "play footsie," his reaction is one of serious arousal.

Most world have, in ~ one allude or another, playfully grazed a lover's groin with their toes. For many people, it takes a couple of strokes straight to the groin in order to obtain some indications of arousal going on.

A foot fetishist, meanwhile will typically become visibly hot and bothered by the time your toes graze their thigh. If you notification your day giving a fast gasp, blushing, or stammering, you're dating a foot fetishist who's in heat.

Your date openly admits they have a point for feet.

If your day is one of the rare human being who open admits to being into feet, then you shouldn't be looking for any other indicators you're dating a foot fetishist.

It's an extremely rare to uncover someone who's that up front around their sex life, therefore if you're cool v trying out new things, now is the moment to execute it. Go ahead and also talk with your beau around their kink. That knows? You can find you favor it, too.