Many drivers have, in ~ one allude or another, accidentally cut someone off while driving. However sometimes, the consequences can be serious. Because that example, if a driver pulls out in front of another and the 2nd driver swerves to stop a collision, they might crash. If this happens, what deserve to the driver expect from a legit perspective?

Even when cutting someone off is fully unintentional, auto accident damages are handled relying on who to be at fault and whether or not the an initial driver stops. Let’s look in ~ what frequently happens if one driver cut off another and also leads come a crash.

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Do I have to Report a car Crash?



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Fault in a No-Contact Crash

If the an initial driver doesn’t come into contact with the car that crashes, it’s recognized as a “no-contact” accident. However even despite the first driver didn’t struggle the second driver, they can still be discovered partially in ~ fault for the accident. And if the driver that crashes experienced injuries or car damage, lock may be able to pursue a case for jae won recovery with the first driver’s insurance money company. This would get won v a an individual injury claim.

To demonstrate the other driver was at fault, the driver that crashed usually requirements evidence. This might be:

Statements indigenous witnesses that saw the crash picture or video evidence, together as web traffic footage that caught the incident The own driver’s join of fault in the crash

Filing a personal injury insurance claim for a no-contact vehicle accident have the right to be difficult, particularly if the driver who reduced off the crashed vehicle is unknown or stops working to stop. But if a driver is determined to be in ~ fault for the accident, they space legally liable for damages.

What If the very first Driver Doesn’t pull Over?

Sometimes the very first driver doesn’t even realize a crash result from cutting who off. Various other times, they view the accident but don’t stop. One of two people way, this situation is often referred to as a “phantom driver” accident.

If you are the driver who reduced off one more person and also saw castle crash, you should constantly pull over. Not preventing after you see a crash happen that you’re involved in, even if your car didn’t touch the vehicle, is never a good idea. Failing to pull end in this situation can have actually the very same legal results as ahit-and-run accident.

If you are the human being who crashed and also the other car doesn’t stop, gain their patent plate if friend can and also note any additional identifying information. Girlfriend should also call a auto accident lawyer, together they may use various tactics to uncover out who the driver was. If not, you may be looking in ~ a phantom driver accident case. Once the driver can’t be uncovered or identified, you may have the ability to use Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage orno-fault insurancethrough your plan to cover at the very least some of her damages.

Steps to take it After a No-Contact Crash

Drivers cut each various other off every day, yet the situation is much more severe if a crash or accident outcomes from it. Even if the two vehicles never ever touch, the driver who crashed can suffer injuries or vehicle damage. To make sure fault is identified accurately, there space some action you have to take after this kind of crash.

Pull Over and Exchange Information

Both motorists should pull over as soon as a no-contact auto accident happens. You’ll want to exchange information, consisting of insurance information. Then, stay at the scene of the accident till authorities arrive.

Call Police

Call 911 come report the accident and also tell officers precisely what happened, offering as numerous details together possible. If the other driver did not stop after friend crashed, phone call them any type of information you remember about their vehicle’s appearance, your appearance, patent plate numbers, or more.

Keep monitor of Damages

The driver that crashes will want to closely paper all damages, taking images of injuries, vehicle damage, and also the accident scene. That consists of medical bills and other costs the driver currently faces due to the fact that of the accident. If the driver who cut them turn off is found or pulls over, the crashed driver might submit a claim for compensation with the insurance money company.

Call a automobile Accident Lawyer

Reach out to anAtlanta auto accident lawyerimmediately and also tell them about your situation. Even if the various other driver claims the accident was fully your fault, there could be much more to the story. So don’t admit fault or discount what happened until you’ve talked to a lawyer who deserve to help.

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Do ns Really require a car Accident Lawyer to help Me?

While you deserve to fight for your claim on her own, it’s finest to gain the help of an knowledgeable attorney as shortly as you can. The longer you wait to develop a defense for yourself, the easier it’ll be for the other driver to blame the accident entirely on you. There’s a chance where you may not have gone to fault for anything. Don’t risk paying exorbitant fees if you felt like you’ve done nothing wrong.

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Talk come a vehicle Accident Lawyer because that Free

Just because two cars don’t come into contact doesn’t median someone isn’t to blame. If you were associated in a no-contact accident or are handling a phantom driver, you need a good car accident lawyer appropriate away. AtJohn Foy & Associates, we can help. Because that a complimentary consultation with among our attorneys, call us today at404-400-4000, or fill out the kind on this page.