Here ns am an avid tea drinker and lover. I experienced this subject on social media posts and also thought I would certainly look right into the possibilities of smoking tea. Yes, that’s correct, role it, irradiate it, and also smoke it. Us all know how healthy tea is. But, what about smoking tea? Will cigarette smoking tea obtain you high? will it interact with your medications? for this reason we have actually a lot of questions we need to answer. Is smoking cigarettes tea a healthy and balanced idea? smoking cigarettes tea 101, let’s dive right in.

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Things to consider before inhaling tea

After doing just a couple of searches to begin my study on this short article I sat here puzzled. Tea cigarette smoking is a thing. It appears to it is in a bit of a well-known thing together well. You need to be mindful in inhaling anything. Even healthy products outside of cigarette smoking them can become toxic once smoked.

I did no find any kind of research on smoking cigarettes tea leaves. Lot of what we will talk around today is no as lot science as it is perhaps a fad or feasible research in the future. We need to remember that countless other plants have been and also continue to be smoked for health and wellness benefits come this day. 

Another point to consider is rolling it. Tea is not constantly straight or brittle. Rojo a tea cigarette might be an exciting project. There is always the choice of bagged tea but rolling dust is not easy to execute either.

Interacting with medicines is constantly a concern. A few people who have actually smoked tea have had actually it interfere with the medications they to be taking. Always consult through a doctor or pharmacist.

Then there is that whole thing around sucking smoke into your lungs. Never ever sounds choose a good idea. Also though we recognize from vaping, caffeine have the right to be inhaled. The whole idea of smoking cigarettes out ours lungs just never sounds good. As soon as you light something ~ above fire Carbon monoxide-free. As soon as you smoke that tea tobacco you are inhaling harmful chemicals favor carbon monoxide.


Whoever looked at tea and said okay smoke that

Drinking tea for wellness benefits is one thing. Us do know all around the wellness benefits of green tea.

We likewise consume teas prefer matcha baked items or teas infused into our desserts. However there is a team of tea lover that like to do other things through their tea. Castle smoke it.

The exhilaration would enter the bloodstream quicker than sipping a cup. But, execute you still watch the same healthy results from cigarette smoking tea together you execute sipping it? 

By cigarette smoking the tea we know the results of things entering the bloodstream faster. Over there is no research study to conclude that L-theanine is absorbed through inhaling.

Green tea has actually been exhilaration in Vietnam for decades. Vietnamese culture smokes numerous things for healing purposes. They take it herbs and wrap them right into a ball and smoke v a bamboo pipe. Together the an international community grew and also the share of cultures ended up being inevitable. Smoking cigarettes tea was presented to the world.

There are miscellaneous reasons to smoke tea. One key reason is to help stop smoking cigarettes. While numerous tactics are offered to assist people prevent smoking commerce smoke because that smoke is not one of them. The only plus that this would be that cigarette smoking tea consists of no nicotine. There room no addictive chemistry in the tea as lengthy as the is non-GMO and organic.

ProsIt may aid stop cigarette smokingGets to the bloodstream fasterCaffeine sirloin reaches the mechanism fasterMay aid calm anxiety ConsInhaling toxicity smokeNo clean researchUnsure the its benefitIt may have poor effects top top medications 


Benefits and cautions of tea smoking

All the research study that went into this write-up has really opened my eyes to a entirety other tea-loving world. The ones who woke increase one day and also decided come smoke tea. There are those that smoke herbs (no no THAT herb), we space not talking about those. However those the take black, green, or oolong tea, roll it up and smoke it. Interesting. Carry out you think maybe they look in ~ a green leaf and also compare it to a marijuana plant and also think? I can smoke that? while it’s to be proven that marijuana has actually health benefits also while gift smoked. There are no studies for tea in ~ this time. Is it healthy? i’m going to say no. Must you shot it? more than likely not. There just is not enough evidence the proves it’s for sure or beneficial.

There are however college students who smoke tea come relax and also push turn off anxiety. Part athletes that won’t do any type of chemical drugs have actually been well-known to acting tea in hopes they will burn fat faster. But again, no proof that either of this works.

It is legal contrasted to various other things that might be smoked. Over there is still no a reason to consume something that could cause as much if not an ext damage with tiny positive results.

Taste – there seem come be 2 kinds the tea cigarettes. Plain and menthol. Indigenous what I have read there is not lot difference between the two and both have very minimal tastes. V no flavor except a really subtle green and also minty taste. They do not taste like a tobacco at all.

Effects – most testers commented on being lightheaded. Most likely from the inhalation that the smoke. As soon as you inhale acting it has carbon monoxide. The oxygen in the human body decreases. You will certainly feel lightheaded and also the lung may additionally become irritated. This can additionally cause a chemistry reaction. The reaction is dubbed chemical asphyxiates leading to confusion, fainting, and also decreased alertness.


The number one concern is inhaling smoke. Why? ns honestly do not suggest smoking tea. I personally carry out not imply smoking anything. It’s just an unsafe exercise to breathe smoke right into our lungs and also chest.

Another factor would it is in the reports that it no mixing fine with various other medications, citing one reader that was top top Zoloft and also Risperdal. The smoking cigarettes of green tea led to ill feelings and got sick in ~ the an initial week. He stopped smoking it. 

There is no high, there is no nicotine or THC

Carbon Monoxide will certainly be existing in the smoke and inhaled. Not healthy at all. Tea smoke appears to be thicker and more lung polluting.

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There room a couple of companies that sell pre-rolled tea cigarettes. Yet please be an extremely careful who you acquisition from. Check their website out and look at reviews. Understand your sources and also make sure what you space inhaling is safe or together safe as it have the right to be.


Social Proof

“Nothing walk wrong but after smoking cigarettes a totality green tea cigar I supplied to sweat profusely. Also, i felt lighter and also active.”

“I felt an ext numb 보다 relaxed. I deserve to report that smoking cigarettes tea go not gain you high. You space inhaling carbon monoxide which deserve to make you lightheaded.”

“I discover it interesting that when lifelong tea drinkers and connoisseurs consume eco-friendly tea in liquid kind (or maybe dabble in treats sprinkled v Matcha), over there is a subculture of green tea fans who consume the product by smoking cigarettes it.”



I understand you can be in a hurry – and also you need some smoking cigarettes teas to soothe your soul or change a habit you are trying to overcome. So here’s the peak smoking teas us recommend – if you want to recognize why, or view the other reviews, feel cost-free to examine them out below. However if you need something now, here’s our optimal choice:”