Ice skating and Roller skating space two sports that re-superstructure resemblances together both possess the same set of skills to find out tricks, create the same set of muscles, and so on. Walk that indicate ice skating in ~ the rink and also rollerblading are the same? i don’t think so.

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If you are new to skating, you deserve to be sure what form of skating you should start. Or you might be wondering if you can do both. I beg your pardon is easier and which is much more fun.

This article highlights the similarities and also differences between the two games through a thorough evaluation of both.

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Techniques associated in ice cream Skating and Roller SkatingIs ice Skating Harder 보다 Roller Skating: FAQs

Is ice cream Skating Harder than Roller Skating

What is Roller Skating?


Roller skating/rollerblading describes travel on smooth or plain surfaces through wheels using a pair the roller skating boots. Roller skating is a fun task that civilization of all eras can do. The beauty around roller skating, though, is what you acquire to wear! over there are countless different varieties of skates for your feet, and also they come in many colors like pink and blue. You can even uncover some through sparkles on them! Roller skating has been around since the 1900s, once it came to be popular v those who live in chillier climates due to the fact that it was simpler than ice-skating during winter months. It’s still trendy today, particularly if you have actually a rink nearby where you deserve to go ice skating anytime yes sir daylight outside.

What is ice cream Skating?


Ice skating is skating top top a level snowy surface ar with the help of a pair of shoes with metal knives attached.

Ice skating is an activity that has been roughly for a long time. People have appreciated ice skating for centuries in the winter months as soon as there is iced end water come skate on, or also if they placed down part ice in your backyard and enjoy themselves through friends or family. Ice skating is not just an excellent exercise, but it can likewise be a good way come spend quality time with your loved ones. Ice cream skating is a sports when civilization use what are referred to as “figure skates” or simply “skates” come glide over ice.

Skating has been approximately for centuries, and also it’s come to be an Olympic event because 1994. It deserve to be done v two figure skaters performing with each other in what they contact a pair the dances. The most renowned kind of performance is head-to-head vain on solo programs.

There are numerous different styles of ice skating that civilization engage with, from simply sliding throughout the surface and also doing straightforward jumps, spins, and turns, i m sorry we can think the as rate skate racing. Athletes race each various other down an icy track at high speeds while acquisition tight curves due to the fact that their blades have spicy edges to aid them.

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Ice skate vs. Rollerblade

Let us know what the difference between ice skate and also rollerblading is:

  ice cream skating Rollerblading
OriginThousands of year oldA few hundred years old evolved from ice skating.
SurfaceIce surfaceHard Surfaces
SpeedComparatively highComparatively low
SkatesIce skates with knives fastened come the bottomRollerblading skates through wheels fastened to the bottom
Difficulty levelRelatively solid due to the fact that of the bladesRelatively soft because of the wheels

Ice Skating or Rollerblading: i beg your pardon Is Easier?

With every sincerity, ice skating is harder than rollerblading. The chisels of ice cream skates are made in such a means that they stop falling ~ above the ice. So, they space really thin. That provides ice-skating difficult for starters. Preserving balance is the hardest part here.

Nevertheless, as soon as it comes to roller skating, you will certainly be skating top top the road. Over there is an ext friction 보다 snow top top the roads. Moreover, roller skates have four wheels that make balancing much easier than ice skates.


Stopping in ice Skating vs. Avoiding in Roller Blading

In any kind of skating, preventing is an extremely important. Let’s check out how protecting against in ice cream skating and also roller skating is different. 

In rollerblading, there is a integrated brake ~ above the wheel. But, ice cream skates nothing have built-in brakes.It is also possible to stop your body weight by pulling your hind legs in roller skating.For ice skating, you require to maintain your body load in the middle parts of her skate, enhancing the friction through the ice cream nicely and also finally closing.

Roller skating in the rinks likewise found similar findings about the place of the injury, v 23% the injuries being to the wrist, adhered to by the shoulder (20%), elbow (15%), and ankle (12%). 

Roller Skating surface vs. Ice Skating Surface

You have the right to do roller skate in numerous places. The sidewalk in former of your residence or your parking lot might be your perfect location to skate. Yet to ice skate, you have actually to find an ice rink. In winter girlfriend can discover many suitable places for ice cream skating.

If friend think about danger, there deserve to be many potential perils on roads or sidewalks. There might be an accident through your vehicle, or some holes deserve to be very dangerous. ~ above the other hand, the ice surface is cleaned regularly to maintain good conditions because that skating.

The popularity of ice cream Skating vs. The popular of Roller Skating

You can choose to begin skating and also choose the many popular form of skating. Indeed, popularity depends on places and also times. Suppose, in countries where over there is no snowfall during the year. Ice cream skating can not be done. Yet roller skating is a type that deserve to be excellent anywhere, anytime. Therefore roller skating is admired everywhere the globe. 

In 2000, about 22 million Americans report skating at the very least once a year. ~ above the various other hand, 10 million Americans have reported ice cream skating.

Health benefits of ice cream Skating health and wellness Benefits the Roller Skating

The wellness benefits of ice cream skating and roller skating are practically identical. Below are some benefits:

Both types of skating help improve balance. However ice skating helps more.Skating top top the ice cream helps a many in warming up her body throughout winter.Skating of any kind is a an excellent cardio exercise.Skating helps to prosper all type of muscles, particularly the arms and legs.Ice skating and rollerblading are the most great exercises come burn increase fat.

Lower arms (13.5%) and elbows (7.6%) come in the second and third, respectively. If friend have broad feet, nothing worry around not gift able come skate. Many brands carry out skates particularly for more comprehensive feet and they are designed with comfort in mind. Right here are some of the best number skates for broad feet.

Roller Skating Vs. Ice Skating: i beg your pardon Is more Dangerous?

It is hard to to speak which the the two is more dangerous. Ice cream skating is hard, and the hardest component is keeping balance. If friend can’t preserve balance, ice skating have the right to be dangerous. However in the situation of roller skating, the danger deserve to come in different ways.

Any type of obstruction or hole in the street deserve to be fatal when skating on the street. World fall into accidents with vehicles ~ above the road. Hence, both roller skating and also ice skating crashes can it is in dangerous if you room not careful about your safety.

To remain on the for sure side, you should cover some components of your body in both varieties of skating. Also, choose the most flexible and cozy stay for your roller skating ride. The all serious injuries, 24.2% are on the wrist, follow to the National digital Injury security System (NEISS). 

Ice Hockey and Roller Hockey

Ice hockey and also roller hockey space very comparable to each other. Yet there are also some differences.

Generally, ice hockey is play in three periods, whereby each period is 20 minute long. Roller hockey, top top the other hand, is played in two parts, each 20 minutes long.The main difference is the ice hockey is played on ice surfaces, wherein roller hockey is played on a plastic floor.Another distinction is the ice hockey has 5 players through 1 goalkeeper, yet roller hockey has 4 players through 1 goalkeeper.Roller hockey keys have no rules for icing that throw the player native one next to the other.

Techniques involved in ice Skating and also Roller Skating

Despite the numerous similarities, over there is a far-ranging difference between ice skating and roller skating. It is done on various skating surfaces. It would help if you well balanced yourself differently, and the start-stop has various techniques.


Ice skating and also roller skating show off a selection of protecting against techniques. Roller skates or inline skates usually have a built-in mechanism because that brakes on the wheels. You can use these brakes to traction on her hind legs conveniently or off. Ice skates perform not have built-in brakes or other stopping mechanisms. 

This renders it more challenging to prevent on ice skates. It would assist if you preserved your weight towards the facility to use the center of her blade to prevent the ice. You deserve to see a nasty fall if you store your load either front or much behind.


Roller skating tracks such together skate parks and pavements can have potential perils such together holes, cracks, debris, uneven patches, vehicles, or passers-by. Any of this obstacles can obtain in your way, resulting in your skate wheels to spin and overturn.

In contrast, the surface ar of the ice strip is smooth and clean native debris. Together a result, you will certainly not hit difficult when you slide and fall. However, if girlfriend skate on a herbal surface external like a frozen lake, friend may discover some unstable ice surfaces or possibly loss from the ice.


The wheel of your roller or roller skate remain totally in contact with the soil in the default setting. This perfect contact helps you keep even an ext balance on the ice. However, an ext friction in between the wheels and the skating surface ar will cause the skate to push harder. 

On the contrary, just a couple of inches of ice from your ice skate knives remain exposed. Next, the point of call rotates as you skate.

Is ice Skating Harder than Roller Skating: faqs

Is ice skating much easier than roller skating?

Gliding is much easier in skating, and also making more turns. Ice skating is very basic in terms of technological maneuvering, i.e., turning and changing directions instantly. Ice skating requires more core strength and also ankle strength too as an ext bending of the knee.

Is ice cream skating the very same as Roller skating?

No, they space not. Roller skating is an extremely admired sport where skaters walk on wheeled shoes enclosed to your feet. At the very same time, ice cream skating is a sport whereby players walk up ~ above a snow-covered surface ar in pairs of ice skates.

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Does roller skating aid in ice skating?

Yes, it does. Roller skating can assist ice skaters boost their balance and stance. This is one thing that skaters must be steady on a pair of skates.


Therefore, now you have a general idea around ice skating vs. Roller skating. This can aid you select which of the two is ideal for you. Remember the you have actually to choose the one that suits girlfriend best. Or girlfriend can choose both. 

Skating of any kind is an excellent source the recreation and a an excellent way to exercise with recreation. So, don’t be late. Begin with one kind and climate another. Happy skating!