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‘Fighting showed up to have actually subsided yesterday after plenty of protesters donate off, setup fire to 3 vans, a police car, a fire truck and a tv news van in their path.’

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‘From the moment I hear the sirens, to the time the fire truck and police cars and also ambulance acquired there seemed prefer a lifetime.’‘I psychic walking residence to watch a fire truck and police dare zooming by.’‘We started to wonder whether he had actually even referred to as the police in ~ all, however after a few minutes a fire truck and a police vehicle showed up.’‘From opposing lane, two ambulances, adhered to by a squad car and also a fire truck, come roaring onto the scene, spraying eye everywhere.’‘As she walked earlier to she car, two an ext police units and a fire truck pulled up.’‘‘The fire truck and the ambulances can not come in, since the road was blocked and we had to go running to find automobile owners to acquire them to move,’ the uncle said.’‘At least four human being have been injured after a fire truck and also a car collided in West Philadelphia.’‘It takes an hour for the fire truck or ambulance to get to her house.’‘They turned down a side road simply as a fire truck and two ambulances sped previous them.’‘The interview was interrupted at times by the sound the a police car, fire van or ambulance screaming by on central Park South.’‘The lamp of the ambulance, fire truck and also police car didn"t seem real to me.’‘The kids have a hilarious time, they acquire to climb anywhere the fire truck, and play ~ above the police motorcycles.’‘When the fire truck and several jeep-loads of police began getting here at 10.05 am, spectators crowded the media and also began badgering officials because that news.’‘The angry yet peaceful mob made the as far as the imperial Cliff property"s front gate wherein they to be held earlier by an ext than 100 police and security officers and also a fire truck.’‘As quickly as the very first fire truck was watched coming towards the scene of the accident, exhilaration grenades to be deployed to offer a reality appearance that smoke comes from under the vehicle.’‘But i can"t have you riding about on a fire truck all day.’‘‘There friend go,’ the firefighter said and opened a door come the fire truck.’‘They"ve accused fire fighters of incompetence, alleging that as soon as the very first fire truck came down on the school, it to be carrying simply 200 litres that water.’‘Their giggles lasted just a couple of minutes that course, till a fire truck raced down the street and also screeched to a halt, and also a bunch of males hopped out and also began dousing the flames.’