The eatertainment chain has actually raised that is upcoming sales projections and now has nearly all of its areas open. By pagan Lalley on Apr. 20, 2021

Things are finally looking up because that Dave & Buster’s.

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The food-and-games chain, which had been pummeled by the pandemic, top top Tuesday increased its sales projections because that the very first quarter and said it has actually nearly every one of its areas open.

As of Sunday, Dave & Buster’s had opened 138 the its 141 stores, consisting of 11 brand-new York locations and 15 California people that had been high-performing pre-pandemic. Seven places are currently restricted to serving just food and also beverages currently, v no arcade games. Plenty of other stores space operating under reduced hours and also capacity restrictions.

The Dallas-based brand elevated its Q1 sales forecast to $252 million come $257 million, up from $210 million to $220 million formerly projected. With two weeks left in the quarter, sales totaled roughly $228 million, the company said.

“We have actually been an extremely pleased through our newly reopened shop in new York and California, i beg your pardon have developed some of ours strongest early on sales recoveries to date,” CEO Brian Jenkins claimed in a statement. “Their performance, in tandem with financial stimulus, broadening vaccines and also a favorable Easter and spring rest shift, has increased sales restore trends throughout our entire store base.”

For the very first 11 weeks of Q1, same-store sales were under 38% compared to 2019 levels, the company said.

The news is a ray of light because that Dave & Buster’s, which has been tough hit by the ups and also downs the the pandemic.

Dave & Buster’s began Q4 v 104 open up locations but saw that number dip come 89 open up units through the start of 2021 because of a COVID resurgence. That same-store sales had plummeted 75% throughout the very first nine main of its 4th quarter. It began Q1 through 107 work locations.

The chain has actually launched a scaled-down menu built roughly simplicity and accelerated table turns. It is also adding tablets and also kiosks to assist with labor pressures.

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