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April 28, 2021


Ann-Margret is 80 years old today.

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Ann-Margret Olsson is a Swedish-American actress, singer and also dancer whose skilled name is Ann-Margret. She is ideal known because that her functions in bye Bye Birdie (1963), Viva ras Vegas (1964), The Cincinnati boy (1965), Carnal expertise (1971) and also Tommy (1975). Her to sing career spans 5 decades, prefer her exhilaration career. She started in 1961.

Initially, she was billed together a female variation of Elvis Presley. She had a minor fight in 1961 and also a charting album in 1964, and also scored a disco hit in 1979. In 2001, she tape-recorded a critically acclaimed gospel album, and also an album the Christmas song from 2004 continues to be available.

And right here She Is: Ann-Margret, she debut album, was developed in Nashville v Chet Atkins on guitar, the Jordanaires (Elvis Presley's back-up singers) and the Anita Kerr Singers. The liner notes to be by she mentor, George Burns.

She had actually a sexy, throaty to sing voice, and also RCA attempted come capitalize ~ above the “female Elvis” compare by having actually her document a version of "Heartbreak Hotel" and also other song stylistically comparable to Presley's.

She score the minor hit, "I just Don't Understand," indigenous her second album, which gone into the Billboard peak 40 in the third week that August, 1961 and also stayed 6 weeks. It peaked at #17. In 1961, she filmed a display screen test at 20th Century Fox and was signed come a seven-year contract.

Ann-Margret made her film debut in a loan-out to joined Artists in Pocketful of Miracles v Bette Davis. It to be a work again, please again of the 1933 movie, Lady because that a Day. Both versions to be directed by open minded Capra. Then came a 1962 work again, please again of Rodgers and also Hammerstein's musical, State Fair, playing the "bad girl" duty of Emily opposite Bobby Darin and Pat Boone.

She had tested for the part of Margy, the "good girl," but she seemed too seductive to the studio bosses, who made decision on the switch. The two duties mimicked she real-life personality — shy and reserved offstage, but wildly exuberant and sensuous onstage.

As she summed up in her autobiography, she would quickly transform it s her from "Little miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee" when she stepped ~ above stage and the music began. Her next starring role, together the all-American teenager, Kim, from Sweet Apple, Ohio, in farewell Bye Birdie (1963) made her a significant star.

The premiere at Radio City Music Hall, 16 years after her first visit to the famed theater, to be a quit hit. It was the highest possible first-week grossing film to day at that venue. Life magazine put her top top the cover because that the 2nd time and announced the the "torrid dancing practically replaces the main heating in the theater.”

She to be asked to sing "Baby, Won't You please Come Home" in ~ President john F. Kennedy's exclusive birthday party in ~ the Waldorf-Astoria — one year after ~ Marilyn Monroe's famous, "Happy Birthday."

Ann-Margret met Elvis Presley top top the MGM soundstage as soon as the two filmed Viva las Vegas in 1964. She recorded three duets through Presley for the film, "The Lady Loves Me," "You're The Boss" and a duet version with Presley of his song, "Today, Tomorrow, and also Forever."

Only "The Lady Loves Me" make it into the last film and none that which to be commercially released till years after Presley's death, early out to concerns by Colonel Tom Parker that Ann-Margret's visibility threatened come overshadow Elvis. Ann-Margret presented Presley to David Winters, whom she recommended together a choreographer for your film.

Viva ras Vegas was Winters' an initial feature film choreography job and also was his an initial of four movies with Presley and also his an initial of 5 films, consisting of Kitten v a Whip (1964), Bus Riley's back in town (1965), make in Paris (1966) and also The Swinger (1966). He also did 2 TV specials with Ann-Margret.

While working on the film, as soon as a theif (1965), she met future husband, roger Smith, who, after his effective run top top the private-eye tv series, 77 Sunset Strip, was performing a live club present at the Hungry ns on a bill through Bill Cosby and Don Adams. The meeting started their courtship, i m sorry met through resistance from she parents.

Ann-Margret starred in The Cincinnati son in 1965 opposite Steve McQueen. She also co-starred along with friend, Dean Martin, in the spy spoof, Murderers' heat (1966). Finally, she starred as the command in The Swinger in 1966 v Tony Franciosa.

Her red hair-color (she is a "natural brunette") to be the idea the Sydney Guilaroff, a hairdresser who adjusted the hair-color that other famed actresses such as Lucille Ball. She was readily available the title role in Cat Ballou (1965), but her manager turned it under without informing her.

In March, 1966, Ann-Margret and entertainers lining Day and Mickey Jones teamed up for a USO tour to game U.S. Servicemen in remote parts of Vietnam and also other parts of southeast Asia. She tho has good affection for the veterans and refers to them together "my gentlemen."

During a lull in she film job in July, 1967, Ann-Margret offered her an initial live performance in ras Vegas, v her husband roger Smith (whom she had actually married in 1967) taking over as her manager after that engagement.

Elvis Presley and also his entourage involved see her during the show's five-week run and to memory backstage. From thereon until his death, Presley sent out her a guitar-shaped floral setup for each of her vegas openings.

After the an initial Vegas operation ended, she followed up v a CBS tv special, "The Ann-Margret Show," produced and directed by David winters on December 1, 1968. The guests to be Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Danny Thomas and also Carol Burnett.

In 1971, she starred in Mike Nichols' Carnal Knowledge, play the over-loving girl friend of a heavy abusive Jack Nicholson and also garnering a nomination because that the Academy compensation for finest Supporting Actress.

On the collection of The Train Robbers in Durango, Mexico, in June, 1972, she said Nancy Anderson that Copley News company that she had actually been top top the "grapefruit diet" and also had lost nearly twenty pounds (134 to 115) eat unsweetened citrus.

On Sunday, September 10, 1972, while performing in ~ Lake Tahoe, Nevada, she dropped 22 feet from an elevated platform to the stage and suffered injuries consisting of a broken left arm, cheekbone and jawbone.

Husband roger Smith flew a stolen plane from Burbank, California, to Lake Tahoe in bespeak to get his mam to the operated doctor at the medical center at UCLA because that treatment. She forced meticulous facial reconstructive surgical procedure that required wiring she mouth shut and also putting she on a fluid diet. Unable to job-related for ten weeks, she ultimately returned come the stage nearly (some would certainly say miraculously) ago to normal.

Throughout the 1970s, Ann-Margret balanced her live musical performances v a wire of dramatic film roles that played against her glamorous image.

In 1973, she starred with John Wayne in The Train Robbers. Then came the musical, Tommy, in 1975, directed by Ken Russell. For the film, she was nominated for the Academy award for ideal Actress.

On respectable 17, 1977, Ann-Margret and also Roger blacksmith traveled come Memphis to attend Elvis Presley's funeral. 3 months later, she organized Memories of Elvis featuring abridged version of the Elvis 1968 TV and also Aloha from Hawaii specials.

In 1982, Ann-Margret co-starred through Walter Matthau and Dinah Manoff in the film version of Neil Simon's play, I should Be in Pictures. That same year, she appeared with a six-year-old Angelina Jolie in Lookin' to obtain Out, playing Jolie's mother.

She has been married to i get it Smith due to the fact that May 8, 1967. Before this she was romantically linked to Elvis Presley throughout the filming that Viva las Vegas. She talk a 500 cc Triumph T100C Tiger motorcycle in The Swinger (1966) and also used the exact same model, fitted through a non-standard electric starter, in her stage show and her TV specials.

A to crawl motorcyclist, she was featured in Triumph Motorcycles' main advertisements in the 1960s. She endured three damaged ribs and a fractured shoulder once she was thrown turn off a motorcycle she was riding in rural Minnesota in 2000.

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In the 2005 CBS miniseries, Elvis, she is shown by increased McGowan, in which she affair through Elvis Presley (played through Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is portrayed during the filming of Viva las Vegas.

Here is Ann-Margret in the standard “beans and chocolate” step from Ken Russell’s 1975 film, Tommy