Since her dishwasher drains right into your kitchen’s plumbing system, over there is a little possibility that dirty drain water might be siphoned ago into her dishwasher. If this happens, it deserve to contaminate your clean key or possibly be attracted into your freshwater supply. To prevent this from happening, most structure codes call for that some sort of air an are be developed in the dishwasher drain hose.

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In some jurisdictions, installing a high loop is the minimum requirement, if other locations require an air gap to be set up alongside brand-new dishwashers. For this reason, girlfriend may uncover yourself wondering: “Is a dishwasher waiting gap compelled in Washington State?”

According come Washington State building Code, both domestic and commercial dishwashers must discharge indirectly v an wait gap. proceed reading to learn much more about what a dishwasher air space is, just how they work, and why so countless state building codes room requiring them nowadays.

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What is a Dishwasher waiting Gap?

What is a Dishwasher wait Gap?

A dishwasher air void is a fitting that is placed roughly two inches over your sink and serves to protect against contaminated water native siphoning ago into her dishwasher via backflow indigenous the drain. Air gaps are straightforward tools because that ensuring that wastewater and various contaminants never make their method back into your clean water supply.

After running her dishes with your dishwasher, the last thing you want is because that them to come out covered in gunk and also food particles from her blocked rubbish disposal. The purpose of wait gaps is to separate the hose that runs dirty water indigenous the hose that runs to her drain. Through these 2 hoses never ever crossing paths, the danger of wastewater getting into her clean dishwasher is eliminated.

Consider the space between her kitchen faucet and the in salt of the sink as an wait gap. Should your rubbish disposal acquire clogged and also your sink overflow v dirty water, water will at some point spill end the counter yet will no reach the mouth of your faucet. Together such, the distance in between the in salt of the sink and the mouth that the kitchen faucet (a literal space of air) ensures the the dirty water doesn’t backflow right into the faucet and also pollute your safe and clean water.

What is backflow and how does that work?

Simply put, backflow is the unsolicited reversal of water flow. It causes contaminants and polluted water to literally circulation backwards into your clean water supply. As such, dishwasher air gaps space a form of backflow prevention. In the plumbing world, the suggest where wastewater might possibly contaminate the water supply is known as a cross-connection.

These cross-connections can an outcome in backflow whenever over there is a far-reaching change in pressure. Because that instance, if her sink drainpipe gets backed up, the hose that leads come the drain will begin to redirect water ago into your appliances. Therefore, there is no an air void installed, your dishwasher can end up being flooded through wastewater.

How does a Dishwasher Air void Work?

With a dishwasher air gap, two branches that hose space separated v a physical gap of air to remove the hazard of cross-contamination between the drain and the dishwasher. One branch that the air gap fitting is linked to the air gap from the dishwasher, while the other branch goes native the air gap to the garbage disposal.

The hose the carries the dirty water indigenous the dishwasher pipeline the dishwasher, curving upward. At the peak of this curve, the branch ends and also the water comes the end of the tube’s open up mouth, v the air gap, and also into the 2nd branch. This second branch is then responsible for delivering the wastewater down to the designated drainage location.

These two branches space both installed underneath her kitchen sink or countertop. You’ve likely seen one air void before, together air void fittings have a decorate heading the protrudes above the counter. They’re usually discovered next to her kitchen faucet, sprayer, or soap dispenser. This decorate heading has the upright air gap, i beg your pardon is notched through holes that release water into your sink if the drain ever it s okay clogged or the tubing becomes blocked.

Do I need a Dishwasher waiting Gap?

Overall, waiting gaps are the most effective way to protect against your dishwasher from getting cross-contaminated through waste. The said, if her goal is to safeguard your dishwasher from coming to be overrun with tainted water, you have to install an waiting gap. Although wait gaps might not be the only method to stop backflow right into your dishwasher, they room the only method that has been proven to be effective under all circumstances.

Since air gaps do not have any moving components, they cannot fail. They run on the principle of physics, together water cannot just travel backwards v an unpressurized void of air. Various other backflow prevention methods only dissuade cross-contamination, if dishwasher wait gaps promise this protection.

Because that the incredible integrity of dishwasher air gaps, many plumbing codes throughout the U.S. Are now requiring all dishwashers to be installed with an wait gap.

Is a Dishwasher wait Gap required in Washington State?

According to Washington State structure Code ar 414.3 on Drainage Connection:

“Domestic dishwashing machines shall discharge indirectly with an air gap fitting in accordance with section 807.3 right into a garbage receptor, a wye branch fitting on the tailpiece of a kitchen sink, or dishwasher link of a food waste disposer. Commercial dishwashing machines shall discharge indirectly through an waiting gap.”

In other words, it is forced for every dishwashers – whether residential or advertising – to have actually physical wait gaps in Washington State. If you choose to give up installing an air gap, your house will not be as much as code. Then, once it come time to market your home, her inspector will call for you to have an air gap installed.

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Other says that have adopted comparable mandatory residential dishwasher air gap installation procedures include California, Minnesota, Oregon, and Hawaii.