Greater 보다 Symbol vs much less Than Symbol

Remembering which sign or price to usage in a number comparison deserve to be difficult, however we have straightforward trick for you! See exactly how the greater than and less 보다 symbol has actually a wide end and also a slim end?



One next is as tall as LeBron, and also the other is smaller sized than a little Space Jam monster. The large side is constantly the bigger side, for this reason in this case, us would check out this native left to ideal as LeBron is greater (or bigger) 보다 a room Jam monster.

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If us flip things around, we deserve to still read it left to right, but now the reads together a space Jam monster is much less than LeBron.



Good! So, remember:

If the vast side come first, we review the symbol as higher than. If the skinny side comes first, us reads the as much less than.The broad side always points at whatever is bigger.

Greater than or same to price vs less Than or same to Symbol

Nice, now, there's additionally less 보다 or same to, ≤ , and also greater than or same to, ≥.

It's like the difference between your mom saying you can stay out till 10pm and also your mom saying that if you're not home at 10pm you're grounded for life. In the an initial case, you can be out before and also at 10pm and also in the other you can only it is in out before 10pm.

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Similarly, if


then x can equal anything much less than 5 and likewise 5 itself. But, if x5then x cannot equal 5, it has to be smaller.

Quick review! enhance the authorize with the meaning.


greater than
less 보다 or same to
greater than or same to
less than




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