Gone in 60 Seconds(2000)
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Label:IslandLabel number:542793
Running time:55m30sShipping date:June 6th, 2000
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Album Tracklist
1.Painted on My love - The Cult<4:27>
2.Machismo - Gomez<3:36>
3.Flower - Moby<3:25>
4.Rap - Groove Armada<4:15>
5.Leave residence - The chemistry Brothers<5:13>
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Music indigenous the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Been recorded Stealing - Jane"s Addiction
Green Sally up - BT
Painted on My heart - The Cult(instrumental version)
Add an ext missing songs to this list, or tell us in what scenes this songs space heard or where they can be found.
Soundtrack Q & A
Q:I wanna recognize the location of the very very first song once they present the name of this movie and actors and actress.(from beein viet nam)
A:"Flower" by Moby. It has the lyrics "Bring Sally Up..." (thanks come ryan,verona,ny)add much more info
A:It"s by War and called "Low Rider." (thanks to Sexyspankystyle,Caernarfon, Wales)add an ext info
A:The height answer is correct, it"s dubbed "Flower" by Moby. "Lowrider" isn"t played till they were all set for the final boost. (thanks come fireblayd,TX)add more info
A:War did "Lowrider" but not in this movie. It"s through ZZ top in this movie. (thanks to MusicMan67,USA)add an ext info
Q:What"s the surname of the last track in this movie - throughout the barbecue?(from Georgein India)
A:"Been captured Stealing" - Janes seeks (thanks to Cullen,Chicago, Ill)add much more info
A:"Josephine" through George Thorogood is playing as they journey away in beat up Mustang. (thanks to KIller,kincardine ontario canada)add an ext info
Q:What is the tune playing in the background while Nicholas Cage is in the Ferrari showroom?(from Varunin India)
A:"Stop The Rock" by Apollo 4 Forty (thanks to RPED,OREGON)add an ext info
Q:What"s the tune playing when the black guy and also the non-speaking guy are walking on the roof?(from Alexin MEXICO)
A:It"s "Lowrider." The various other song after lock break into the warehouse is far better but ns don"t understand what that is. (thanks come TheNewDriftKing,Sydney)add much more info
A:I believe its an critical version the "Never Gonna Come earlier Down" by BT :) Cheers!! (thanks come Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add more info
Q:What"s the song playing in the background once Nicolas Cage is teaching the youngsters to drive the go kart?(from joein india)
A:"Machismo" by Gomez (thanks to sketchy,OZ)add more info
Q:What is the tune playing when Nicolas and also Angelina space in the vehicle watching the two world making out?(from BBin Phila, PA)
A:It"s dubbed "Painted on mine Heart" and also it"s through the Cult. Good song native a an excellent movie! (thanks to Frogg442,Florida)add an ext info
Q:What is the track playing as soon as Memphis is "talking" to Eleanor?(from mikein keaau hawaii)
A:The song is called "The last Car" by Trevor Rabin and is top top the gone in 60 second score CD. (thanks to Kevin,Lebanon,PA)add much more info
Q:What is the song playing when Memphis is talk to i get it the salesman around Ferraris?(from slyin australia)
A:"Machismo" by Gomez (thanks to Kevin,Lebanon,PA)add more info
Q:What plays in the background when the totality group is in the garage just prior to they collection out to rise cars? Astricky turns the stereotype on, and also the enlarge crew are immersed in some sort of "pre-boost" tradition.(from Elain Australia)
A:I likewise looked for that song for ages, the track is caleed "Low Rider" by war (thanks to Sexyspankystyle,Caernarfon, Wales)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing in the morgue v the hearing disabled guy?(from Alexin Tbilisi, Georgia)
A:It"s Sphinx"s theme song by the movie composer Trevor Rabin (thanks come fireblayd,TX)add more info
A:It"s "Party Up" through DMX (thanks to yoyo,ok)add more info
A:I uncovered "SCORE-SPHINX" however it"s simply a little sound clip the it. (thanks to Knucks,Yorba Linda, CA)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing in ~ the start when guys steal the Porsche native the shop?(from Alexin Tbilisi, Georgia)
A:"Porsche Boost" by Trevor Rabin (thanks come Psychopsia,Guatemala)add much more info
Q:What"s the tune playing in the commercial for this movie? component of the lyrics space "...you can"t change me..."(from DCin CA)
A:"Save Me" by Unwritten legislation (thanks to rick,OR)add much more info
Q:What track is play at the finish of the movie as soon as his brother offers him the old rusty mustang and also he start to drive off in it?(from bethin pelion southern carolina)
A:"Ride top top Josephine" by Sleepy Labeef (thanks to tlchester,Unionville, Tn)add much more info
A:"Ride ~ above Josephine" by George Thorogood (thanks come Quinn,Chicago)add more info
Q:There"s a song that plays because that a few seconds before the credits starts in and then "Flower" start playing. The track I want starts once the credits for the studios that made the film start. Any kind of Ideas?(from Ericin Toledo Ohio)
A:"Painted on mine Heart" by the Cult. (thanks to Isaak,Lowell, IN)add an ext info
A:The over info is incorrect. Disregard. The actual component before the tune (the one that ends v the clock ticking if ns remember right) prior to flower is a small piece that Trevor Rabin produced. It deserve to be found on the other Gone In 60 seconds soundtrack that is composed of only his score music (which is where a lot of of civilization can discover those songs that aren"t on the original sound track). I actually acquired a host of the opener and spliced it through flower to have the entirety thing. Sound much far better in my opinion. :) Hope that helps friend out. (thanks come GLiTCH (Greg),Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA)add an ext info
A:Yup, it"s "The Throb" by Trevor Rabin (thanks to isik,Sac CA)add an ext info
Q:What is the track playing once they boost the hummer in the parking garage and also the line is crawling about inside the truck?(from icedawnin Nevada)
A:It"s the tune "Party up" by DMX (thanks come Gorka,Navarra)add an ext info
A:"Party UpLose mine Mind" by DMX (thanks come Kanwal,India)add an ext info
Q:What"s the tune playing when they rest the home window glass in the Ferrari warehouse???(from darkflamein Portugal)
A:BT - never ever Gonna Come back Down (thanks come Shadowfire X34,Leeds West Yorkshire UK)add much more info
A:Correct is... "Porsche Boost" by Trevor Rabin. (thanks come Psychopsia,Guatemala)add more info
Q:What is the tune playing at the beginning of the movie?(from mustangmanin minnesota)
A:"Flower" by Moby (thanks come nanner,AZ)add an ext info
Q:What"s the track he has to listen to prior to he steals the car?(from ttony56in ireland)
A:Lowriderrrrrrrr (thanks to Jak,mountai lakes, nj, Usa)add an ext info
A:"Low Rider" by battle 1975 (thanks to Dr.Death,Moscco)add much more info
Q:What is the song playing once they are stealing the Ferraris in the warehouse? It"s a rock song with no words.(from huskerbaseball3in Lincoln)
A:Never Gonna Come earlier Down - BT (thanks come Mr. Juarez,Grand Marais, MN, US)add an ext info
A:I think is instrumental version that "Never Gonna Come earlier Down" through BT (thanks to Infinite,Indonesia)add more info
Q:What is song playing if Memphis is gift chased in ~ the end in Eleanor? (from Frankin Philadelphia)
A:Trevor Rabin - "Boost Me" (thanks come yo,yoyo)add much more info
Q:What"s the song playing after Cage and his brother were wait in the diner once he sneaks out and puts the chain in ~ the black color Mercedes at the opponent team?(from Davidsonin Germany)
A:"Bad English" by Trevor Rabin (thanks to Psychopsia,Guatemala)add more info
Q:What"s the track playing in the beginning of the credits?(from Rawrin Riverside ca )
A:"Painted On mine Heart" by the Cult (thanks come cody,snohomish, washington)add more info
Q:What"s the track they listen to come pump them up right before doing a heist? that performs it?(from Alyshain Australia)
A:"Low Rider" by battle (thanks to Mike,Miami, FL. U.S.)add an ext info
A:Hey, the version in the movie is by ZZ top :) Cheers!! (thanks come Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add more info
Q:Hello, what is the important version of the "Painted On mine Heart" tune playing while Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie space kissing in the car while they watch a couple making the end in a house? Unfortunately practically nothing the the rhythm in that instrumental version in specific can be uncovered in the song performed through The Cult, and it"s i do not have anything in the soundtrack, i don"t even think that this version has actually been perform by The Cult because it"s almost fully different 보다 the original, and also you can hear a soft woman"s voice to sing if you are concentrated listening come it. If everyone knows that performed this version, and knows if it"s available, it would be simply great! =)(from Rogerin Berlin)
A:Hey, i loved that version.. That"s pretty good!!! It"s a sort of remix end the The Cult"s song... Yet I can"t found anywhere!!! I"m in search of it because that a lengthy while. (thanks to Guill,Sao Paulo, Brazil)add an ext info
Q:What is the song playing in the credits of the movie?...from Jessein ca(answer Jesse"s question)
Q:What"s the name of the tune that is playing once they have to bail the end the warehouse after the street gyeongju of Kip Raines v the steal Porsche?(from Moonknightin Belgium)
A:Found it: Crystal technique - "Busy Child" (thanks to Moonknight,Belgium)add more info
Q:What is the song playing as soon as Nicholas Cage is speaking through Angelina Jolie in the bar?(from CANADANin Murrieta,Ca,USA)
A:"Rap" by Groove Armada Feat. M.A.D. (thanks to Psychopsia,Guatemala)add an ext info
Q:Who sings the song "Bring Sally Up"?(from Jayin tucson, az)
A:Moby. (thanks come CSK,India)add an ext info
A:Actually, the name of the tune is "Flower". The artist is Moby :D Cheers! (thanks come Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add more info
Q:What tune is playing as soon as Cage is cultivate kids?(from shrutiin india)
A:"Machismo" through Gomez (thanks come smartpro,Texas)add an ext info
Q:Who sings the short rider tune playing as soon as they space all was standing in the garage prepare to begin the night? 2000 version through Nicolas Cage.(from Craigin Australia)
A:Pretty certain it"s "Lowrider" by war (thanks come Eddie,New York)add much more info
A:It"s by ZZ Top!! (thanks to Bman,bg,mo)add much more info
Q:What tune is playing once Memphis is in the Shelby and also hits the NOS throughout the follow in the end?(from Prateekin India)
A:It"s a part of the score "Boost me" by Trevor Rabin. Cheers :D (thanks to Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add an ext info
Q:What song is playing as soon as Kid introduces his friends come Memphis?...from tono123in virginia(answer tono123"s question)
Q:What song is playing when Memphis is around to steal the Mercedes coupe but notices the van has moved, climate you watch the large black dude pull up to the casino in the pink Cadillac?...from Maxin UK(answer Max"s question)
Q:Who sings the tune "Low Rider" when the two males are top top the roof through their Hummer and they to speak "up and also down up and down..."?(from Stalkerin Bahrain)
A:Dude, are you referring to the scene whereby Sphinx and also Mirror guy steal the Hummer? that one is "Party up (Up In Here)" by DMX. "Low Rider" by ZZ height plays in the scene whereby the entirety crew gear up because that the rise and they are listening come a tune to gain into the groove :) Cheers!! (thanks come Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add much more info
Q:What"s the music play at 01:04:30 heard for only a few seconds as soon as the cop (black guy) move the van come watch roughly better?...from Septalin NY(answer Septal"s question)
Q:yo what"s the track playin" when Nicolas watch Eleanor and also when the takes his old jacket off and says he"s a negative man?(from digsin nasik)
A:I"m guessing its either "Bad Man" or "Boost Me" by Trevor Rabin. Both are a part of the movie score :) Cheers!! (thanks to Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add more info
Q:What"s the tune playing once Memphis philosophies Eleanor because that the first time?(from ajayin india)
A:Once again, it"s the segment in the beginning of "Boost Me" through Trevor Rabin. The song is a component of the score :) Cheers! (thanks come Pk,Chennai, Tamilnadu, India)add much more info
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