The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton’s 1967 coming-of-age-novel, is a clip for young readers. Even if you’ve already delved right into Ponyboy’s blatant adolescence, you can probably still learn something around the young adult classic, which to be released 50 years earlier today.

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Susan Eloise Hinton was just 15 as soon as she began writing the novel and also was simply 17 when it was very first published. Hinton feel compelled to write after she came to be frustrated through the lack of relatable pop culture being produced for adolescents at the time. “I’d want to read publications that showed teenagers outside the life the ‘Mary Jane visited the prom,’” Hinton explained a 1981 interview through Seventeen. “When i couldn’t discover any, I determined to create one myself. I developed a civilization with no adult government figures, where kids lived by their very own rules.”

2. Rival GANGS at HINTON’S own HIGH SCHOOL influenced THE SOCS and also THE GREASERS.

The tense divide in between the upper class “Socs” (pronounced “soashes,” together in “social”) and the lower class “Greasers” at Hinton’s high school was therefore bitter the the gangs had to go into through different doors. Return Hinton to be neither a greaser no one a Soc, the publication is written from the allude of view of the greaser Ponyboy in an effort to humanize the gang. However, Hinton likewise refrains from vilifying the Socs, a selection that reflect her belief that things are “rough every over.”

3. HINTON DIDN’T plan TO i announced THE NOVEL.

Hinton initially wrote The Outsiders primarily for herself, but the mother of one of her friends read a draft and thought that the publication deserved a wider audience. The friend’s mother contacted an certified dealer in brand-new York, and also soon Viking push signed Hinton for a $1000 advance.

4. HINTON supplied HER INITIALS TO prevent UNFAIR sex BIAS.

Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 huge screen adaptation assisted spark the “Brat Pack” genre of the 1980s and also jumpstarted the careers that “up-and-comers” favor C. Cutting board Howell, plunder Lowe, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, and also Diane Lane. However without Hinton’s passionate fans, the director might not have discovered the project at all. Coppola started considering filming The Outsiders after California high college students sent him a petition nominating him together the perfect manager to adapt their favorite novel.

A meeting through Hinton sealed the transaction for Coppola. ”When ns met Susie that was evidenced to me that she was not simply a young people’s novelist, however a actual American novelist,” the director said in a 1983 interview.


Although Hinton walk not write the screenplay, she remained closely associated in the production by serving as a place scout and also even make a tiny cameo as a nurse. Coppola was so taken through Hinton’s charming storytelling that during filming of The Outsiders he and Hinton collaborated ~ above an adjusted screenplay for one of her other books, Rumble Fish. In the abovementioned 1983 interview, Coppola praised the author’s involvement: “Susie was a irreversible member that the company. My endure with she made me realize that the notion of having a writer top top the set makes a lot of sense.”

11. It WAS among THE MOST generally CHALLENGED publications OF THE 20TH CENTURY.

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Controversial at the time of its publishing for its frank portrayal of corridor violence, delinquency, underage drinking and smoking, and strong language, the publication continues to be challenged. It was ranked #38 top top the American Library Association’s “Top 100 Most generally Challenged publications of the 90s,” and has even been banned in part schools. Thankfully, the book additionally has end up being a part of countless schools’ curricula, ensuring that students will certainly be continuing to be gold with Ponyboy because that years to come.