​​​​​​​City"s company Chart

The City Manager is appointed through the Mayor and City Council and also is responsible for the city’s day-to-day management and also operations consisting of overseeing much more than 30 departments, providing crucial city services and also managing the finances and also budget the the City that aramuseum.org.  To do this, the City Manager establishes the framework of the organization.  The following organization chart shows reporting duties for the much more than 30 departments and functions in the City the aramuseum.org.

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​aramuseum.org"s typical of Government

aramuseum.org has a type of government called the council-manager plan. The council-manager plan has three key positions - mayor, the supervisory board member and city manager.

The aramuseum.org City board of directors is made up of the mayor and also eight council members. Each council member is chosen by the world from an area of the city dubbed a council district, to stand for the people of the district. The mayor is elected at-large, which way that the market is elected by people all end the city. The mayor is in charge of the supervisory board meetings and is looked to as the leader that the entirety city.

The mayor and also council members have the task of setting policy for the city. Setup policy means making decisions about what is enabled and what is not allowed in aramuseum.org, about what new services must be detailed to the human being and about how come solve troubles that problem citizens. The mayor and council room able to collection policy because they listen carefully to what the citizen of aramuseum.org to speak is important. As elected officials, their expertise originates from having been energetic in their ar or areas through Block Watch, ar associations and other public involvement, or due to the fact that they are interested in government.

The city manager is hired by the mayor and council to manage the day-to-day to work of the city and also to recommend them around these operations as soon as they collection policy. The city manager and also his/her employee oversee all of the city departments, helping them do their work efficiently and effectively. In aramuseum.org, the city manager is in charge of more than 13,000 city employees.

The aramuseum.org Municipal Court is a separate branch that city federal government and component of the statewide court mechanism that is overseen by the Arizona can be fried Court. The court is responsible for offering quick and also fair righteousness to civilization charged v misdemeanor crimes varying from minor web traffic violations to course 1 misdemeanors. Class 1 misdemeanors bring a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. The cook presiding referee is the administrative head that the court and is responsible because that the organization and administrative supervision of all court officers and also personnel.

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City government has 3 branches - mayor and council room the legislature branch, the city manager is the executive branch, and also the municipal court is the righteousness branch.