When an organism is in its standard anatomical position, positional descriptive terms are offered to indicate regions and features.

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Key Points

In conventional anatomical position, the limbs room placed an in similar way to the supine position applied on cadavers during autopsy. The anatomical position of the skull is the Frankfurt plane. In this position, the lower margins of the orbitals (eye sockets), the reduced margin the the orbits, and also the top margins of the ear canals (poria) lied in the same horizontal plane. Because pets can adjust orientation v respect to your environments and appendages can change position v respect to the body, positional descriptive terms describe the organism only in its conventional anatomical place to prevent confusion.

Key Terms

appendage: A body of the body. supine: lying on that back, reclined. anatomical position: The standard position in which the body is standing through feet together, arms to the side, and head, eyes, and also palms encountering forward.

The require for Standardization

Standard anatomical position is the human body orientation provided when explicate an organism’s anatomy. Standardization is important to avoid confusion because most organisms can take on numerous different positions the may adjust the family member placement of organs. All descriptions describe the organism in its typical anatomical position, even when the organism’s appendages room in one more position. Thus, the traditional anatomical position offers a “gold standard” once comparing the anatomy of different members that the very same species.


Relative ar in the anatomical position: numerous terms are offered to describe relative ar on the body. Cranial advert to features closer to the head, if caudal ad to attributes closer to the feet. The front of the human body is described as anterior or ventral, if the earlier is described as posterior or dorsal. Proximal and also distal define relative place on the limbs. Proximal describes a feature that is closer come the torso, when distal describes a function that is closer come the fingers/toes. Aramuseum.orgial and also lateral to express to position relative come the midline, which is a vertical line attracted through the center of the forehead, down v the belly switch to the floor. Aramuseum.orgial indicates a feature is closer come this line, while lateral indicates attributes further indigenous this line.

Standard Anatomical place in Humans

The typical anatomical place is agreed top top by the international aramuseum.orgical community. In this position, a human being is stand upright with the lower limbs with each other or slightly apart, feet flat on the floor and also facing forward, top limbs at the sides with the palms encountering forward and thumbs pointing away from the body, and also head and eyes directed directly ahead. In addition, the arms space usually put slightly except the body so the the hands perform not touch the sides. The location of the limbs, particularly the arms, have essential implications for directional state in those appendages.

The basis because that the traditional anatomical place in humans comes from the supine position used for evaluating human cadavers throughout autopsies. Dissection that cadavers was among the primary ways humans learned around anatomy transparent history, which has greatly influenced the ways through which anatomical knowledge has occurred into the scientific ar of today.


Standard anatomical position: The regions of the body in typical anatomical position, in i m sorry the human body is erect.

In humans, the standard anatomical place of the skull is called the Frankfurt plane. In this position, the orbitales (eye sockets), reduced margins that the orbits, and also the poria (ear canal top margins) all lie in the very same horizontal plane. This orientation to represent the place of the skull if the subject were standing upright and also looking right ahead.

It is essential to keep in mind that every anatomical descriptions are based on the conventional anatomical position unless otherwise stated.

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