First off listeners of “I’m Sorry, ns Sorry” who do not know Japanese need to be made aware that its text are rather graphic and deal with potentially off-putting subject.

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In regards to deciphering the text purely at confront value, they it seems ~ to it is in based greatly on the principle of the usage of humans. This is quite disturbing also in and of itself. But together references show up to it is in metaphorical, not actual. Rather the topic of this song, frankly put, is reportedly a young girl that is gift abused by she father.

At an initial it appears as if she does no truly understand what’sgoing on and also is fairly indifferent in the direction of the totality experience.But atthe very same time his disgusting activities are acquisition a toy fee on her delicate body,and she starts to feel negative overall.

In the midst of it all, “a large brother” recognizes hersuffering and also tries to assist her in overcoming it. She most likely becameacquainted v this individual after to run away from she dad.Andalthough the specific nature the their relationship is not specified, the situationreads as if he might be a lover and also someone who treats her better. At least “bigbrother” treats her better than her very own father both emotionally and also physically.But since he does no abuse her, the girl concludes the he additionally doesn’t loveher, because obviously she has arisen to awareness true intimate love to be expressedvia the kind of therapy she obtained from she father.So eventually sheleaves this “big brother” and returns ago home.

Father knew she would come earlier home

Upon she return, it seems that she dad and also his companionsanticipated her eventual return.And the song insinuates the he and also theseindividuals then proceed to as soon as again abuse her.

Victimdoesn’t know distinction love and abuse

So all things considered, this track centers top top a girl whohas to be abused come the allude where she cannot tell the difference in between reallove and the abuse she has become accustomed to.

Where walk the song’s location “I’m Sorry, ns Sorry” come from?

The expression of sorrow (I’m sorry) which provides up the title of this track is actually derived from one excessive instance of low feeling of self-esteem the girl is experiencing from. In various other words, as soon as she realizes for circumstances that she doesn’t actually love she dad, she apologizes for it. She also apologizes for returning residence to him, considering herself to it is in the “bad” one quite than him. That is how, ultimately, we have the right to conclude that she is quite young, even though her age is never ever specified – via her naiveté and also the colorful, if you will, metaphors she offers throughout the monitor to define her awful predicament. 


Vocals by Hatsune Miku

Kikuo-P wrote and produced this track. However thevocals space performed through Hatsune Miku. Miku is actually a character that is partof a voice-synthesizing software called Vocaloid.

It should be noted that this isn’t Kikuo-P’s very first timeusing Hatsune Miku. The artist has actually used Miku Mike onnumerous song in the past.

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Release date of “I’m Sorry, i’m Sorry”

The document label behind the release of “I’m Sorry, I’mSorry” is Karent.The song was approve as component of Kikuo-P’s album “KikuoMiku 2″ top top 11 respectable 2012.