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How carry out I recognize that mine order has actually been shipped?When her order has actually been shipped, we will send you an email with your tracking number information.When will certainly my order it is in shipped? as soon as will that arrive?Tracking info will be detailed when her order has actually been shipped.NOTE: For customer protection, every orders space subject come review. Top top occasion, this may cause a slight delay in handling your order. Her patience is considerably appreciated.What"s the difference between "Order Date" and also "Ship Date?"Most orders are shipped the same or following day, please take weekends and holidays right into account as soon as considering the shipping date.What are your shipping fees?We usage FedEx Ground and also FedEx clever Post. Simply add your items to the dare and visit the checkout page. The shipping rates shown are calculated based top top FedEx rates and the complete weight of the item(s) you are purchasing.

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Standard U.S. Shipping RatesUnder 2 lbs: $5.992 lbs - 14.99 lbs: $9.9915 lbs. - 34.99 lbs: $14.9935 lbs and up: $19.99FREE Shipping on orders $100 and overWhat is her return/replacement policy?RETURN/REPLACEMENT POLICY:We insurance our merchandise to be free of production defects and will accept any defective item because that refund or replacement. Any kind of item damaged or defective because of the manufacturing procedure can it is in returned free of fee within 30 days of purchase. Unused, new merchandise with original tags/stickers attached might be returned within 30 work of purchase for an instead of or refund. Items changed for a refund might be subject to a Return Shipping Fee.Visit our Shipping & Returns page for our complete policy and also instructions on starting a return: will my credit transaction card it is in refunded?Once your package has been received, her refund/credit will certainly be processed within 7-10 business days. If over there is a refund due, a credit will be issued in the original type of payment. Us cannot credit a different credit or debit card.The credit may not display up till your credit transaction card"s following monthly billing cycle. You will be informed via email to the address provided on your order once this transaction has taken place. Please keep in mind that your banking institution might require extr days to process and article this transaction to your account once they have received the details from us.***These return policies and procedures, and the use of the Igloo U.S. Return Shipping Labels, apply ONLY come consumers that purchased your Igloo product from Visit the Warranty ar for more information top top Igloo’s Warranty policy or to do a claim.What is her warranty policy?Here at Igloo, we construct coolers and also cooler accessories to aid you execute the points you love v the human being you love. Whether you’re utilizing it for work or because that play, we want you to be satisfied v your Igloo product, and we guarantee the craftsmanship of whatever we make.If her Igloo product fails as result of defects in product or workmanship and also falls within the indict of the warranty Policy, you may submit a case by call visiting our Warranty organization page:! you re welcome RETURN her IGLOO PRODUCT come THE location OF purchase IF YOU are WITHIN THE first 30 job OF PURCHASE. For ITEMS outside OF THE initial RETAILER"S acquisition WINDOW, however WITHIN IGLOO"S WARRANTY period PLEASE record A WARRANTY business REQUEST HERE: