Measure of exactly how much the volume of matter decreases under pressure
Kinetic theoryexplains why gases room compressed much more easily 보다 solids
SpaceGases are easily compressed because of the room between the particles
compressionTo bring particles that a gas closer together
Pressure, volume, temperature and variety of molesThe four variables generally used to explain a gas
KilopascalsPressure is normally measured in...

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LitersVolume that a gas is usually measured in...
KelvinTemperature that a gas is generally measured in...
pressureWhat keeps an inflated raft, inflated?
pressureWhat boosts as friend inflate a raft?
collisions between particlesAs press in a container increases, what also increases?
triples the pressureIf girlfriend triple the number of particles in a container, what happens to the pressure?
burstWhen girlfriend exceed the stamin of a container, the container will...
reducedWhen you release gas native a container, the pressure is...
inwardAssuming the pressure external of a container is greater than inside, which way will a gas flow?
pressure differenceOur ear pop as result of a...
a gas stored in ~ a high pressureAn aerosol paint deserve to works since it has a...
increased, decreased, inwardWhen our diaphragm is lowered, ours thoracic cavity volume is ________, its press is ________, and therefore the air flows __________
decreased, increased, outwardWhen our diaphragm is raised, our thoracic cavity volume is ________, its push is ________, and also therefore the air operation __________
increasedAs you minimize the volume that a container, the press is...
decreasedAs you boost the volume of a container, the press is...
pistonIn a car engine, what is supplied to change the volume in ~ it?
doubledIf you cut the volume of a container in half, the press is ___________
halvedIf you double the volume of a container, the pressure is ___________
increasesAs the temperature in a container increases, the push inside the container...
decreasesAs the temperature in a container lowers, the push inside the container...
doublesWhen the temperature within a container doubles, the pressure inside...
halvedWhen the temperature within a container is halved, the pressure inside is...
Boyle's lawStates that for a offered mass of gas at continuous temperature, the volume of the gas varies inversely with pressure.
Boyle's lawStates the for a provided gas at a consistent temperature, together the pressure goes up the volume goes down
Boyle's lawStates the for a given gas at a consistent temperature, together the press goes down the volume walk up
Charles's LawAs the temperature the an fastened gas increases, the volume increase, if the press is constant.
inverselyPressure and also volume are ______________proportional according to Boyle's law
directlyTemperature and also volume room ___________ proportional according to Charles's law
Charles' lawStates that as the volume the a gas go up, the temperature walk up.
Charles's lawStates that as the temperature of a gas go up, that volume walk up.
Gay-Lussac's lawAs the temperature the an enclosed gas increases, the push increases, if the volume is constant.
directlyPressure and also temperature are ___________ proportional according to Gay-Lussac
pressure cookerWhat might you uncover in a kitchen the would usage Gay-Lussac's law?
Gay-LussacAs the temperature walk up, the temperature walk up
Gay-LussacAs the press goes up, the temperature go up.
Combined gas lawAllows girlfriend to perform calculations for situations in which only the amount of gas is constant
directlyThe variety of moles that gas is __________ proportional to the variety of particles
directlyThe number of moles the a gas should be __________ straight proportional come volume.
8.31 (L * kPa)/(K*mol)Ideal gas law constant
ideal gasA gas that adheres to the gas laws at all conditions of pressure and also temperature.
idealThis type of gas would have to conform specifically to the presumptions of the kinetic theory.
idealThis form of gas can have no volume and also there might not be any kind of attraction between particles
zip, zero, zilchWhat kind of gas is ideal?
low, highReal gases differ many from perfect gas in ~ _____ temperatures and also _____ pressures
compressed airDivers walking to reasonably shallow depths, utilizing a mixture of simply nitrogen and also oxygen are using ________________
HelioxDivers using a mixture the Oxygen and Helium are using ____________
TrimixDivers utilizing a mixture of oxygen, helium and also nitrogen room using ______________
heliumFor divers on deep dives, some or all of the nitrogen might be replaced with ______________
decompression sicknessDive tables assist a diver protect against _____________ _______________.
greaterAs a diver descends, the water exerts a _____________ pressure.
more nitrogenAs a diver descends and also the pressure increases _______________ is liquified in the blood.
Nitrogen narcosisA problem caused by descent listed below 30 meters, when dissolved nitrogen interferes v transmission that nerve impulses.
Decompression sicknessCaused once a diver ascends as well quickly and also dissolved nitrogen is exit from the blood to block small blood vessels
dalton's lawThis gas law comes to climbers and divers that usage compressed wait on your ascents and also descents.
partial pressureThe donation each gas in a mixture makes to the total pressure
diffusionTendency of molecules to relocate towards areas of lower concentration until the concentration is uniform throughout.

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effusionA gas escaping v a tiny hole in that container.
molar massGases of lower _________ diffuse and also effuse much faster than gases of greater ____________
NitrogenWhich gas would effuse faster? Nitrogen or oxygen
OxygenWhich gas would certainly effuse faster? Oxygen or Argon?