Volcanoes can readjust the Earth"s surface as soon as lava that has erupted indigenous a volcano cools, it creates solid absent which creates islands and also burns and destroys components of land.

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At the limits were the key diverge (pull apart) or converge (push together), the late is weak and broken allowing the magma to with Earth"s surface developing volcanoes.
Lava erupted indigenous the warm spot and also built a volcanic island. The Pacific plate is gradually moving over the warm spot, so it brought the island far from the spot. An additional volcanic island created at the hot spot and also then was carried away. A chain of islands was formed.
Magma is molten rock underneath the earth"s surface. Lava is fluid magma that comes to the earth"s surface
a chain that volcanic islands that forms at the border where two oceanic plates press together and also one bowl subducts under the various other plate
A volcano erupts quiet if its magma is low in silica. Low-silica magma has actually low viscosity and flows easily. A volcano erupts explosively if that is magma is high in silica. High-silica magma has actually high viscosity, making that thick and also sticky.
Thick, sticky lava build up in the volcano"s pipe and also plugs it. The trapped gases develop up press until they explode. The erupting gases force the magma the end with an excellent force, which breaks the lava into pieces that conveniently cool and also harden right into pieces of different sizes.
Lava flows collection fire to and then ask objects in their path. Hot clouds of volcanic gases ruin objects and also kill people, animals and plants. Volcanic ash buries towns, damages crops, and clogs automobile and aircraft engines. Eruptions can cause landslides and also avalanches.

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An energetic volcano is one that is erupting or may erupt in the close to future. A dormant volcano is "sleeping", likely to awaken in the close to future and also become active. An extinction volcano, or dead volcano, is unlikely to ever before erupt again.

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