A line that serves together a frame of reference for measurement and which boundaries the graph plot area.

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Category LabelsThe brand that display screen along the bottom of a graph to determine the categories of data; Excel provides the heat titles as the group names.
Chart AreaThe whole chart and every one of its elements.
Chart SheetA workbook sheet that consists of only a chart.
Column ChartThe letter that screens at the height of a vertical group of cell is advantageous for mirroring data changes over a period of time or for depicting comparisons among items.
CycleA continual procedure diagram.
Data LabelLabels that display screen the value, percentage, and/or category of each particular data suggest and deserve to contain one or much more of the choices listed- series name, group name, Value, or Percentage.
Data MarkersA column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a solitary data point; connected data points form a data series.
Data PointsA worth that originates in a worksheet cell and that is represented in a graph by a data marker.
Data SeriesRelated data points represented by data markers; every data series has a unique color or pattern stood for in the graph legend.
Embedded ChartA chart that is put into the same worksheet that contains the data used to produce the chart.
GridlinesLines in the plot area that aid the eye in identify the plotted values.
HierarchyA classification of SmartArt graphics provided to develop an company chart or show a decision tree.
Horizontal group Axis (X-Axis)This displays along the bottom of the chart to recognize the group of data.
LabelsColumn and row headings that explain the values and assist the reader know the chart.
LegendA chart aspect that identify the trends or colour that room assigned to the category in the chart.
Line ChartsA chart kind that is helpful to screen trends end time; time screens along the bottom axis and also the data points worths are linked with a line.
List1. A collection of rows that contains related data the you can group by adding subtotals. 2. A category of SmartArt graphics offered to display nonsequential information.
Locked Formula cell that stop others from transforming the formulas in the template.
Major Unit ValueA number that determines the spacing in between tick marks and between the gridlines in the plot area.
MatrixA classification of SmartArt graphics supplied to present how parts relate to a whole.
Organization ChartA type of graphic the is useful to depict reporting relationships within one organization.
PasswordAn optional facet of a template added to protect against someone indigenous disabling a worksheet's protection.
PictureA kind of graphic the is beneficial to display screen pictures in a diagram.
Plot AreaThe area bounded by the axes of a chart, including all the data series.
ProcessA classification of SmartArt graphics the is supplied to display steps in a procedure or timeline.
ProtectionThis prvents anyone from transforming the recipe or an altering other design template components.
PyramidA group of SmartArt graphic that supplies a series of photos to display relationships.
RelationshipA group of SmartArt graphics the is used to show connections.
Rotation HandleA eco-friendly circle that display screens on the top side that a selected object.
ScaleThe variety of numbers in the data series that controls the minimum, maximum, and also incremental worths on the value axis.
SmartArt GraphicA visual depiction of your information and ideas.
SparklinesTiny charts the fit in ~ a cell and give a visual trend summary alongside her data.
StandardizationAll forms developed within the organization will have a uniform appearance; the data will constantly be organized in the exact same manner.
TemplateA wordbook used as a sample for producing other workbooks.
Text PaneA movable resizable container for message or graphics.
Tick note LabelsIdentifying info for a tick mark generated from the cell on the worksheet provided to develop the chart.
Tick MarksThe quick lines that display screen on one axis at continuous intervals.
TredlineA graphic depiction of trends in a data series, such as a heat sloping increase to represent raised sales end a period of months.
Unlocked Cells in a layout that might be fill in.
Vertical value Axis (Y-Axis)This display screens along the left side of the chart to determine the numbers because that the data points; also referred to together the y-axis.
Walls and FloorThe locations surrounding a 3-D graph that offer dimension and also boundaries to the chart.
WordArtA function that transforms text into a stylized photo that you have the right to use to develop a distinctive logo design or heading.
Chart elementsObjects that make up a chart.

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Recommended ChartsAn Excel function that helps you choose a chart kind by previewing argued charts based upon fads in your data.