If you’ve studied English, you’ll know that the verb ‘to be’ has plenty of different forms in the present and the past. As soon as the subject is ‘I,’ we commonly only have actually one alternative to type the previous tense the the verb ‘to be:’ ‘I was…’


However, there is one scenario as soon as we break this rules in English and use ‘I were’ rather of ‘I was.’ You’re guarantee to hear native English speakers say, “well, if i were you…” or “I wish ns were…” and, if i were you, I’d proceed reading this blog to find out why.

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I Wish i Were

‘I wish i were…’ is a sentence framework that we use in English come express a desire or desire. The desire or desire is unreal, impossible or just potentially possible. We simply think around and express our desire because that a instance we wish were true in the present or future.


What Is The meaning Of ns Wish i Were?

‘I wish ns were…’ forms the subjunctive the atmosphere in English. The subjunctive the atmosphere expresses something that is want or desired however is not instantly possible. The subjunctive the atmosphere is offered when the speak does not think their desire is possible in the immediate present or near future.

We usage ‘were’ instead of ‘was’ in this grammar structure due to the fact that we room not talking about the past. We space talking about a desire in the present that we understand is no possible.


It’s essential to remember the a wish about a hypothetical desire is no the exact same as a happy birthday wish. ‘I wish ns were…’ way that friend would like a different case to it is in true. ‘I great you a happy birthday,’ method I hope you have actually a happy birthday. Of course, you have no manage over even if it is the person has a happy birthday or not, yet you deserve to want that to it is in true because that them anyway.

Examples the The expression I Wish i Were

“I wish ns were taller.”

“I wish i were smarter.”

“I wish ns were funnier.”

“I wish i were prettier.”

“I wish ns were more handsome.”

“I wish i were 10 years older.”

“I wish i were younger.”

“I wish i were able to go.”

“I wish i were through you now.”

“I wish ns weren’t working.”

“I wish i were at the beach.”

I Wish ns Was

‘I wish ns was…’ is not totally incorrect. No one will misunderstand girlfriend or the meaning of your sentence if you speak “I wish i was taller.” however “I wish ns was…” likewise has an additional use and meaning.

We have to only use ‘was’ come talk around past instances that we preferred to it is in true. “I wish i was taller as soon as I remained in school,” or “I wish ns was there,” sound favor the speak is talking around the past and also a desire in the past rather of a desire in the present.


I Wish i Was or i Wish ns Were

The grammar correct type to talk around hypothetical situations that girlfriend desire or desire to it is in true is ‘I wish i were…’ It might seem strange, yet it is grammatically correct and also commonly offered by aboriginal English speakers. All indigenous English speakers take into consideration this type to it is in correct and also formal.

I Wish ns Were There

‘I wish i were there’ is a sentence you deserve to use come express your desire to be in one more place. At the moment of speaking, you and also the human you are speaking to space in different places, cities, or countries and you room expressing your desire to it is in there rather of here. The situation is not possible because you are not there and are not able to be over there - however you want the other human being to understand that you desire to it is in there through them.

Wish ns Was over there or Wish i Were There

“I wish i was there,” and also “I wish i were there,” have actually subtle distinctions in meaning. If you say “I wish i was there” to someone that you room not presently v then your an interpretation will be clearly understood. However, ‘I wish i were there,’ is clear both in and also out the context.

It’s important to remember the all definition is acquired from context so either form is correct. They room both correct in the sense that your meaning will it is in understood.

However, “I wish i were there,” is grammar correct and makes the clear that you space speaking around hope or desire in the present time. “I wish i was there” might mean the you would have actually liked to have been at a place in the past.


For example:

Person 1: “I to be at Disneyworld.”

Person 2: “That’s therefore cool! ns wish i were there.”

Person 1: “I saw Disneyworld last week. It was great!”

Person 2: “I wish i was there. Ns feel favor I’ve missed out.”

Wish i Was with You

“I wish ns was v you” method “I wish I had been v you at that time in the past.” It’s one easier way to to express a wish or desire around the previous without utilizing the past perfect tense. “I wish i was with you” simply method that you wanted to it is in with one more person in the previous but you were unable to be there.

I Wish i Was There through You

“I wish ns was there with you” method that you want to be in ~ a ar at a particular time v someone else. you didn’t just want come be with the person, however you additionally wanted come be in ~ the same ar the human was at in the past.

I great It to be or i Wish that Was

“I wish it were…” is correct as soon as expressing a want or desire. Grammatically, ‘were’ should be provided with all topics when producing the good-bye mood. You will never ever go wrong once using ‘were’ through ‘it’ in the good-bye mood. Over there is never a time when ‘I wish i were…’ or ‘I wish it were…’ would be taken into consideration incorrect as soon as expressing a desire or want.

Wish us Were There

‘Were’ is provided with all subjects to kind the conjunctive mood. ‘Wish we were there,’ simply means that mine friends and also I wish us were in one more place at the moment of speaking. “Wish we were there,” is the correct type to to express a desire or desire as a group.

I Wish i Was An

“I wish ns was an…” have the right to be supplied to talk about something the you wish you had been true in the past. We can likewise use this form to to express an unreal desire, yet it’s not as clear together “I wish i were an…”


“I wish i was one astronaut in 1969.”

“I wish i was one architect as soon as they designed this building.”

“I wish i was an artist throughout the renaissance.”

I Wish ns Was one of Them

“I wish ns was one of them” means “I wish ns had been just one of them in the past.” It doesn’t necessarily median that the desire or want is quiet true for the present time.



“They were the popular youngsters in high school. I wish ns was one of them in school.”

The speaker is mirroring on the past from the existing time. it is unlikely the they still wish to be one of the popular children in high college now, but they think that would have actually been nice come have been just one of them throughout their college years.

I Wish ns Were Her

“I wish ns were her,” way that in this existing time you have actually a desire or a desire to be an additional person. “I wish ns were her,” originates from a location of dissatisfaction through your own life and jealousy of who else’s life. You could use this sentence if the girl or mrs is successful, funny and lives a life the you want to live.

Wish He to be Or great He Was

“I wish he were…” is the correct form to refer a desire or desire around someone else. All third-person singular subjects take ‘were’ instead of ‘was’ come express a desire.

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“I wish he were kinder.”

“I wish she were an ext helpful.”

“I wish it were different.”

Correct Grammar because that The phrase I Wish i Were Going

We usage “I wish ns were going” to express a desire for the future. It means that an occasion is happening in the future that you room unable to attend - yet you would like to it is in there.