about "Fore She was Mama

""Fore She was Mama" is a track written through Casey Beathard and Phil O"Donnell, and recorded by American nation music singer Clay Walker. It was released in October 2006 together the first single native his album Fall. It peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor in 2007. It was additionally his an initial chart entry because "Jesus to be a country Boy" in 2004.

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"Bout ten year old, hide and also seekI uncovered me in the closetReady or not, i stumbled onAnd opened up up that box ofYearbooks, letters, black and also whitesA hundred, maybe moreNext thing I know my brothers and also meGot "em scattered top top the floor (yeah)There was among her, flippin" the birdSittin" top top a HarleyAnd a few with part hairy hippie dudeTurns out his surname was CharlieHer hair, her clothes, her drinkin", smokin"Had united state boys confusedI"ll never forget the day us nosy kids got introduced...To mama "fore she to be mamaIn a string bikini, in TijuanaWon"t admit she smoked marijuanaBut I observed mama "fore she was mamaWe placed that box appropriate where that wasAnd never ever said a wordBut growin" up acquired hard simply tryin"Not to snapshot herIn anything but aprons, dressesMini-vans and churchOh, and Daddy would have actually whooped our buttsFor diggin" up that dirt...On mama "fore she to be mamaIn a cable bikini, in TijuanaShe won"t recognize she smoked marijuanaBut I saw mama "fore she to be mamaWe laugh and hang the over her headRight over her haloHer challenge turns red when we carry upThat tie-dyed WinnebagoShe runs and hides and also still deniesThat hip-high increased tattooShe shed that crate of forget-me-notsWhen she found out us knew...About mama "fore she to be mamaIn a cable bikini, in TijuanaWon"t recognize she acting marijuanaBut that was mama "fore she to be mamaAnd there"s that one under in the BahamasBut the was mama "fore she to be mama

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Clay walker Ernest Clayton "Clay" Walker, Jr. (born respectable 19, 1969) is an American country music artist. That made his debut in 1993 through the single "What"s It come You," which got to Number One on the Billboard Hot country Singles & monitor (now Hot nation Songs) charts, together did its follow-up, 1994"s "Live until I Die." Both singles were had on Walker"s self-titled debut album, also released in 1993 via large Records. He continued to be with the label until its 2001 closure, later on recording for Warner Bros.

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Records and RCA Records before joining his current label, Asylum-Curb Records, in 2007. An ext »