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In this scene, two occasions occur that arouse a feeling of fatalism in Macbeth. First, the receives news that his wife has committed suicide, an event that elicits a short speech the is astonishingly bleak:

Tomorrow, and also tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty speed from day to day ...

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In this scene, two occasions occur that arouse a feeling of fatalism in Macbeth. First, he receives news the his wife has actually committed suicide, an occasion that elicits a brief speech that is astonishingly bleak:

Tomorrow, and also tomorrow, and also tomorrow Creeps in this petty speed from day come day To the critical syllable of tape-recorded time; And every our yesterdays have lighted fools The means to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!Life"s but a wade shadow, a poor player That struts and also frets his hour ~ above the stage And climate is heard no more. It is a tale Told by one idiot, complete of sound and also fury, Signifying nothing.

Life because that Macbeth at this allude has no depth meaning, no function or significance. It is only a march toward death, and a quick one at that. No sooner has actually the title character completed this dreary observation than a messenger brings an ext bad news: Birnam Wood appears to it is in marching ~ above Macbeth"s stronghold in ~ Dunsinane. Of course, these room Malcolm"s troops, transporting boughs as camouflage, but Macbeth immediately (and correctly) interprets it together a fulfillment that the witches" prophecy the he might only be damaged wihen Birnam lumber marched ~ above the castle. Macbeth recognizes the he is cornered, and also that the end is more than likely near, and also he responds by ordering his males to attack:

I ’gin to it is in aweary of the sun And wish the estate o’ the civilization were currently undone.Ring the alarum bell! Blow, wind! Come, wrack!At least we"ll die with harness on our back.

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Driven to additional nihilism, he insurance claims to welcome his very own destruction, and also observes the he have the right to at least die bravely (with his harness, or armor, ~ above his back.) for this reason this scene find Macbeth responding to bad news v an virtually existential view: Life is meaningless, therefore what walk it matter if it end now? Still, in a minute of self-deception, the holds the end hope, and seems confident the he can still prevail till he discovers the Macduff was born by caesarian section, and also is "not of mrs born," therefore fulfilling the second component of the witches" prophecy. At the point, the feels cheat by the malevolent pressures of the witches, and also tries to withdraw from the fight.