The Husqvarna 128LDX is a quality gas weed eater – powerful, no extra heavy, straightforward to handle and also for a decent price. Also with a opportunity to affix various Husqvarna extensions.

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Key specifications:Edger: Weight: 11 lbs

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Gas powered – but Not also Loud or Heavy

Husqvarna 128LDX shares every the advantages of gas weed whackers – good power, finish freedom of movement, no messing v the cord or limitation the battery life. On the other hand, it requires mixing the gas-oil fuel, a little maintenance and it’s louder and heavier than electrical units.

However, the weight is quiet on a hard level, simply for older people may it is in reasonable to buy part shoulder strap – and the balance is nice as well.

The assembly is really easy and doesn’t take a the majority of time – you just connect the guard, slide the tower parts together and also tighten the clamp. A few users reported some sort of defect when joining the shaft, however it seems the systems is pretty simple – much more info here. The building is sturdy and also durable, users report no indications of wear also after three seasons.

Powerful and Easy To begin – however Some dependability Issues?

As friend would expect from a gas unit, it supplies plenty of power – friend won’t encounter any bogging down, tangling or binding of line even in hefty weeds (take a look in ~ the video above). It’s easy come start and runs smoothly, the turn off switch location is also an excellent and it automatically resets to the ON position for simpler starting.

On the various other hand, part users also mentioned problems v reliability – stalling, fimicky behaviour right out of package or running just for a couple of minutes and then dying (after a few months or year of service).

The trimmer offers bump feed to breakthrough the line and it works without any type of problems, numerous users additionally mention just how quick and easy that is to disassemble the spool and change the line.


Available extensions

Attachments and also Edging

This weed wacker walk not offer a integrated edger adjustment – yet when turn upside down, it have the right to be offered for edging rather successfully. And you can also get the edger expansion if you setup to usage it often – it’s much more convenient come use and produces a cleaner edge.

That leads us to attachments – the shaft accepts assorted addons choose blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw, cultivator or the currently mentioned edger. Users love this feature and also report the Husqvarna attachments occupational great, to add the switching is easy as well – and also according to part customer reviews, even Poulan and also Ryobi expansions work fairly well.

Conclusion: If you desire a quality gas weed eater for her yard, Husqvarna 128LDX is a great candidate – powerful, easy to start, no extra heavy and easy to handle. We deserve to recommend it to you.

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However, there are additionally reviews pointing out severe problems with this device – therefore if girlfriend don’t desire to risk any kind of trouble, the Hitachi CG22EAP2SL might be a more secure bet.



Brand: HusqvarnaEdger: Tilting head:
Cycles: 2 strokeCubature: 28ccWeight: 11 lbsCutting swath: 17″