I saved my project, but now ns can"t open up it up in design view wherein you check out all the buttons and stuff. Intuitive Studio 2012Anyone know how?

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You can double click directly on the .cs document representing your form in the Solution Explorer :


This will open up Form1.cs , which includes the drag&drop controls.

If friend are directly in the password behind (The file named Form1.cs, there is no ""), you can press change + F7 (or only F7 depending on the task type) rather to open up it.

From the style view, you deserve to switch earlier to the password Behind by pressing F7.


My problem, it verified an error dubbed "The course Form1 can be designed, yet is no the first class in the file. Intuitive Studio requires that designers use the an initial class in the file. Move the class code so the it is the very first class in the document and shot loading the designer again. ". So I moved the form class to the first one and it worked. :)


From the systems Explorer home window select your form, right-click, click View Designer. Voila! The kind should display.



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