Jansport backpacks room made of a selection of materials, including long lasting polyester fabric and nylon. Plenty of have leather-reinforced bottoms. Any backpack, even if you usage it gently, demands to it is in cleaned occasionally. Dirt and also debris indigenous the environment make them look soiled end time.

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The customers will just have to care around these bags, to do them ideal and desirable come use. Part of the responsibilities of being a JanSport bag user is shielding it from dust or stains, and also keeping the clean all the time. Fortunately, over there are means on how to to wash a JanSport bp in the washer.


Is the JanSport backpack washable?

The JanSport bags room made the high-quality materials, thus, they can’t be broken easily. The users have the right to wash the bag one of two people on the washing machine or v hand-wash. The customer organization of JanSport offered some guidelines on how to appropriately wash together bags.

The procedures on washing the bag top top a device or through hand-wash.

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Instructions because that hand washing

As stated before, hand washing your bag is the recommended cleaning method. It may take a bit an ext time, yet here is exactly how to to wash a Jansport backpack without damaging it.


1.Disinfect the within of the pack

First, if the inside of the bag is dirty or odiferous, it can be difficult to acquire that smell under control. The best way is to tackle this stubborn grime with a phenolic disinfectant choose Lysol or Pine-Sol. If easier, turn the backpack within out. Then, develop a one-to-one systems with disinfectant and also lukewarm water. Next, use a sponge or cloth to clean the interior pockets of the bag.

You can also use Lysol wipes because that this step. Then, leave the bag inside out to air dried entirely prior to cleaning the external of the backpack.

2.Clean the external of the bag

Once the inside of the bag is clean and dry, it’s time to relocate on come the outside of the backpack. Fill a bucket or sink v lukewarm water. Execute not use hot water as it can cause fabric colors come bleed.

JanSport care instructions say not to submerge your backpacks (it’s not waterproof!), so soaking a soft towel in just water and scrubbing the bag is the safest route to take. Friend can likewise use a soft brush, choose a toothbrush, for much better results. If much more than water is needed, you deserve to dilute a mild detergent favor Woolite or Draft and use that sparingly top top the many soiled areas. Then be certain to use a different clean water fabric to rinse as you go.

If you don’t think a mild laundry detergent will carry out the trick, you deserve to dilute a stronger detergent prefer Tide or Gain, both of i m sorry are advantageous in cold and lukewarm water. However, you need to use this equipment with care, and make certain you test on a small area of the bag first.

When utilizing a detergent, be certain to gently rinse the bag through lukewarm water, paying close attention no to submerge the bag completely.

3. Use a sponge come clean mesh

Next, if her bag has mesh pockets, friend will should use special treatment in their cleaning. Mesh pockets because that water bottles or other small items room delicate and also can tear easily. Fairly than using a brush that have the right to snag the mesh, usage a wet sponge to do this component of the job.

Instructions for an equipment washing

Sometimes a toddler backpack is simply too dirty to tackle v our ceiling hands. Once that sort of dirt is involved, you’re likely asking if friend can even save the backpack. The prize is yes; the probably can be cleaned. After making use of the steps over to prepare the pack for washing, follow the actions below.

As formerly mentioned, leather have to not come in call with water. Consequently, friend cannot ar a Jansport through leather or leather accents in the washing machine. This instructions are only for bags there is no leather.


1. Place bag in wash bag or pillowcase

First, you need to prepare the pack to go within the washing machine. Backpacks have a the majority of straps and zippers that deserve to get captured up throughout the wash cycle. To prevent problems, location the bag in an old pillowcase or mesh wash bag. Take note that the shade of her bag might bleed onto the pillowcase, for this reason you’ll desire to usage an old pillowcase you’ve collection aside for this kind of use.

Additionally, for extra care, turn the backpack inside out which will store the straps “inside” the bag. Acquisition this step will also aid clean the inner if the inside is particularly soiled. Next, tie the pillowcase closed, or zip up your laundry bag, and also place the bundle in the washing machine.

2. Usage detergent sparingly

Next, you’ll add the detergent. If you have a front-loading washing machine, place your soap come the dispenser as you constantly do. It’s necessary to use only a scant amount of detergent in the wash cycle — one to 2 tablespoons is sufficient. If you have a top-loading machine, include the tiny amount that detergent as the water is running.

3.Wash on tenderness cycle

Now, just set your washing an equipment on the tenderness or delicate cycle using only cold, or at most, lukewarm water. Throughout the spin cycle, if that sounds choose the fill is unbalanced, you might need to pause your washer (if it has this feature) and change the backpack come straighten any type of bunching the has developed in the to wash cycle.

4.Towel dried bag as soon as that is out of the washing machine

Finally, as soon as the bike is complete, eliminate the backpack native the pillowcase or to wash bag and wipe that down v a dry towel. Wiping the entire surface that the pack will soak up any type of water the pooled in any type of nooks and also crannies during the wash cycle and assist in the overall drying process.

After you’ve all set the bag because that washing, you’re prepared to select your method. If your bag is only moderately dirty, the handwashing technique would probably be sufficient to perform the trick. If the backpack is beyond handwashing, maker washing is most likely to save the bag.


Wait because that it to it is in cleaned up.

Hand washing- Hand-wash the bag till clean. Usage the smooth brush on tough parts, if necessary.

The user must check the compartments, pockets and the outside part if that is already clean. After ~ making the bag completely clean, wash it appropriately with clean water and then dry it up.

It is not crucial to wash the JanSport bag regularly. The user can exploit wet apparel to clean the bags. Climate they can wash the backpack only when it is currently covered with hard stains and dirt.

For decades, it has actually been proven the JanSport bags space made come last. Nevertheless, users need to be cautious when utilizing their backpacks. The JanSport is expanding its services to its valued customers, by giving ways on just how customers deserve to personally clean or repair your bags.

Through a straightforward “how-to” tips, JanSport helps their valued customers conserve funds. Users deserve to simply resolve the bag themselves, by following the guides detailed by the JanSport customer service. JanSport has a website, and it is providing a set of solutions that have the right to truly satisfy their needs.

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Through these ways on how to wash a JanSport bp in the washer, you can be sure that you’ll do the cleaning properly. Therefore why carry your JanSport bag to a wash shop, if washing it is entirely hassle-free and an extremely easy.