The billiard table diamond system constantly sparks conflict over even if it is it is a legitimate aiming system. Most billiard tables have diamond spots, and many beginner wonder what they room for. There are countless different version of the diamond aiming system. Right here you will certainly learn around the common facets of every billiard diamond aiming systems. Girlfriend will likewise learn the simple fundamentals of making use of the diamond aiming system and also we"ll define how the diamond system can help improve your aiming accuracy and your as whole pool game.

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Billiards Diamond System

Use the the diamond system varies. The players, experienced or not, who perform learn just how to use the diamond system swear by its effectiveness. On the various other hand, most expert billiard football player don"t use it, through one exception: that the bulk 3-cushion players usage a diamond system of some sort. It can be stated that most players generally learn the angles without any assistance from the diamond system whatsoever. This capability is useful as your "table layout" at the time might not it is in in a position where you can benefit from the diamond system.

The Diamond device in Billiards

To begin, here are the basics of making use of the swimming pool table diamonds because that aiming.

There space "invisible lines" going across the pool table indigenous diamond to diamond, developing a network e.g. The lines go from each diamond ~ above the left side throughout the table come the matching diamond on the appropriate side. (see the diagram below; the dotted lines highlight the invisible lines.) You deserve to use the diamonds in addition to the invisible grid together the base of the diamond aiming system.

The Diamond System can be learned by practicing with basic geometry in mind. The general principle is that if girlfriend hit the cue sphere (or any ball) perfectly right at one diamond, it will certainly travel fully straight back toward the diamond at the opposite end of the table. If girlfriend hit that from ten degrees either way, and it need to rebound ten degrees out in the opposite direction. If you find yourself playing a case where a diamond is not in the proper spot, girlfriend will have to envision "imaginary diamonds" in the suitable spot, and the matching imaginary network lines.


It might sound complicated, yet you can cleared up the basic feel with a couple of hours at the pool table using just the cue ball. Through the end of the session, you should have actually a good feel for exactly how to use the pool table diamonds to estimate rebound angles.

As mentioned earlier, many three-cushion players usage a diamond aiming system. Below is a very straightforward system (with no English used) that some find helpful as a inside wall to the more complicated diamond aiming systems. Keep in mind that the "System" is a an individual thing, and diamond equipment vary native player to player.

First, figure out wherein you need to hit the long rail. ( which diamond ~ above the third Rail.)Next, subtract that from the number two. That number is the variety of the diamond where you will must hit the first long rail making use of the facility ball. For "running english" friend will require to add one fifty percent of a diamond.

Other than the above, there is not much much more you deserve to "learn" without first logging some hours at the table practicing the basics. Once you have done that, you can read some more. Inspect out the adhering to works, which walk in an ext deep detail on miscellaneous uses and systems for the swimming pool table diamonds:

This consist of the really bare minimum basics of the billiard diamond system. As mentioned earlier, there is no substitute for hours logged in ~ the table. Read the basics to acquire a feeling for the general idea, and then gain off the internet, and hit the table. Once you have actually mastered the basics, come on back here and also get some much more advanced details on the diamond system.

Billiards Diamond System

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Billiards Diamond system Comments


Back in the early on 1960"s, Montgomery Ward produced pool tables and billiard equipment for sale. Lock were advocated by Minnesota Fats, and also he toured the nation giving billiard exhibitions ~ above these swimming pool tables at various Montgomery Ward stores.

I was lucky sufficient to shoot 5 or 6 gamings of 9-ball v him ~ the sales pitch at the Santa Ana, CA store.

At that time, he showed me an aiming mechanism where girlfriend numbered the diamonds (pool table dots) and the pockets, and also then that involved including and/or subtracting. It was a system he converted from one he learned earlier designed for a 5" x 10" billiard table.

Over the years, I have actually forgotten the system, yet not the "spanking" I gained for Minnesota Fats the day.

P.S. Right here is one illustration the the numbering of the diamonds as described above:


The details deserve to be discovered here:

For the single rail game, over there is actually a new technique of using the diamonds on the pool table to uncover the absolute financial institutions points (located via land inspection techniques) that were lived in by a mirror picture of the surveyed pool table.

Simply put, mirror images are replaced with an aiming stake in the "off-table" ar once populated by a mirror image of the to plan pocket. Practice and training is come the surveyed location. Interestingly, the aiming short article locations have the right to be found utilizing the "rule the thirds and comeback halves" in conjunction with the swimming pool table diamonds.

You can try this yourself:

The surveyed location for the side pocket aiming post is located as follows:

7 foot table: 33" straight out indigenous the center of the facility pocket8 foot table: 36.5" directly out indigenous the center of the center pocket9 foot table: 42.5" directly out from the center of the center pocket

Locations space rounded come the nearest 1/2 inch together 1/3000 accuracy is not vital for a pool table. The pockets are big! since the yes, really pocket areas do no change, neither execute the surveyed reflections locations adjust i.e., you have the right to leave the aiming post in place throughout practice.

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"The preeminence of thirds and comeback halves" sounds convoluted but isn"t. The merely defines absolute shooting lanes when the aiming stakes are not present. Watch the intervening rails, the object ball location, and their connection with the aiming write-up in ar as friend practice solitary rail banks. The lanes and also the prominence of this basic will become readily apparent.