Redken Color fusion haircolor is usually discovered in hair studios. Redken comes in advanced coverage, natural fashion and also natural balance. Advanced coverage has warm and also neutral browns, while natural fashion contains reddish shades and natural balance includes ashy shades. If you want that extremely coveted salon look native the comforts of home, you"ll probably have to order this haircolor online. ~ you uncover a website featuring Redken shades, pick the shade you want. Then pick the undertone such together a heat golden/reddish tone, neutral beige hue or cool blond highlights. Be ready for some ultra shine and vibrant color.

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Wear old clothes and drape a towel throughout shoulders before dying hair. Review directions if easily accessible and remove hair color and developer from any kind of packaging.

Do a strand check to determine exactly how long come keep shade in hair. Grab a 1/4 inch thick strand and also apply 1 tsp. Of shade to hair. Wait approximately 25 minutes and also rinse out.

Put ~ above the gloves and include the Redken developer come the bowl. Mix the 2 oz. Pro-oxide cream developer with the 2 oz. Redken color blend shade of choice. Use a haircolor brush to mix the shade together in the bowl.

Apply color with brush from root to ends to each ar of hair until saturated. Start with the back layers as those space darker and need much more time come color. Work-related your method to the top and front great last since highlights absorb shade the fastest. Comb lightly with all the layers to ensure an also color—but don"t massage scalp.

Rinse hair to to wash off of all the color. When water runs clear, include conditioner, rinse again and towel dry.


Wait at the very least 24 hrs to shampoo after ~ coloring.

Use a deep conditioner as soon as a main to keep hair healthy and strong.

Use a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to keep hair color.

But make sure you go just one to 2 shades lighter or darker 보다 your herbal hair color; otherwise, it will certainly be harder to maintain.


Never dye your eyebrows or lashes; doing therefore may cause blindness.

Don"t leave the product in much longer than the strand check suggests.

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