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How carry out I switch in between YouCam and the an additional webcam device when using video chat in immediate Messaging software application (Skype, Google talk…)?

Select default webcam driver in ns software:

If you desire to usage the default webcam driver when using video chat in instant Messenger (Skype, Google talk…), you can go come the webcam settings and also select the default webcam driver instead of YouCam driver ( WebCam Splitter) in your video chat software.

For example, in Skype:

In Skype, walk to Tool > Options > Video settings In the Select webcam drop-down menu, choose your default webcam machine (driver).

Note: depending on the type of immediate messaging software application you are using, the procedure to enable YouCam will differ. Top the aid for the immediate messaging software program you are using and see the ar on choosing a webcam, video clip settings, or other similar.

Disable YouCam driver:

If you want to disable the YouCam driver, you have the right to do this:

Open Device Manager.

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Windows 7: Click Start > kind \"Device Manager\" in the search ar > pick Device Manager regimen
Windows 8: usage the Search charm: point to the upper-right edge of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search button > click Settings > type \"Device Manager\" in the search areas > choose Device Manager program
expose Sound, video clip and video game controllersFind Webcam online DriverRight click ~ above it and also select the Disable option

Note: If you desire to usage YouCam, simply do the same and select Enable to revert the Webcam digital Driver. A system re-boot system may be forced if the setups are changed. YouCam driver version

YouCam VersionVideo setting option in im SoftwareDriver name in device Manager YouCam Webcam Splitter Webcam online Driver 6.0 YouCam 5 and also prior Webcam Webcam digital Driver