A step-by-step guide for enabling subtitles to gain your favorite programming.


It’s Friday night. You’re resolved in to enjoy your favorite show or Oscar-winning flick. Yet first, you desire to revolve on the close up door captions to gain the most out of your programming. Thanks to years of research, experimentation, and also advocacy native groups and individuals, such together the nationwide Captioning Institute and also Marlee Matlin, subtitles space an easily obtainable feature for countless at-home viewers. Even if it is you have cable, satellite, or one of the numerous online streaming services, use this easy-to-follow guide to learn how to rotate on close up door captions on your TV.

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For Motorola/Arris HD TV boxes:

Turn TV crate off however leave the TV onPress food selection on the TV crate or your Xfinity remote controlNavigate come CLOSED CAPTIONING using the down arrowsPress the right arrowhead to enable or disable subtitles

For scientific Atlanta (SA)/Cisco TV boxes:

Press menu or setups on her Xfinity remote controlScroll under to CAPTION/OFF/ON v MutePress the right/left arrows to permit or disable

Charter Spectrum: The adhering to instructions use to the recent Charter Spectrum guide. Click here to see instructions for older guides.

Press menu on your Charter Spectrum remote controlScroll to settings & support using the arrowsSelect OK/SELECTSelect close up door CAPTIONING or closeup of the door CAPTIONING settings to control your preferences

Cox Communications: The complying with instructions use to the advanced TV HD Receiver. View alternative directions right here if you have actually a stand-alone DVR or a different receiver.

Press MENU/SETTINGS on her Cox remote controlPress the A buttonScroll to the LANGUAGE ar using the arrowsScroll to CLOSED CAPTIONING and press the ideal arrowPress the right arrow again to highlight ON, push SELECT


Press details on your DIRECTV remote controlSelect CC ~ above the screenSelect DIRECTV Subtitles

You can additionally select closeup of the door CAPTIONING from the CC menu.


Select closed CAPTIONING to allow or disable the setting optionsSelect availability settings to customize exactly how the subtitles appearSelect closeup of the door CAPTIONINGSet your wanted closed captioning preferences

If you carry out not have a recipient or DVR native a cable or satellite provider, look to your TV settings for subtitles rather than the cable or satellite settings. Locate your TV user overview or contact customer support for aid as every TV brand has different instructions for enabling closed captions. In part cases, it may be as basic as picking the CC button on your tv remote control.

Hulu: The adhering to instructions use to the classic Hulu experience. If you’re making use of the new Hulu experience, check out the instructions here.

While a regime is playing, press up on your controller twiceNavigate come the CAPTIONS setup and press OK/SELECT on your controllerFind formatting options in the ACCOUNT menu on the key page the the Hulu app

Netflix: The following instructions use to many Blu-ray players, smart TVs, and set-top boxes. Click here to obtain instructions for turning on subtitles on various other devices.

Launch the Netflix appSelect the display or movie girlfriend would choose to watchSelect AUDIO & SUBTITLES indigenous the options panelSelect your desired audio or subtitle optionsPress ago to go back to the options panel

Amazon Prime immediate Video: The complying with instructions apply to movies and also TV shows with a CC price in the video details. You deserve to use the Search feature at the peak of the main page come filter all video clip options accessible with subtitles.

Launch the Amazon prime Instant video clip appStart playing a videoSelect SUBTITLES or CC in your playback controls

When the town hall a DVD or Blu-ray, inspect the user overview or manufacturer’s website because that instructions to allow closed captions.

Don’t view your mechanism here? Search virtual for instructions.

Learning how to revolve on closeup of the door captions on her TV can make a world of difference in the method you enjoy your binge-worthy shows. To find out how captions can likewise come in handy as soon as using the phone, read about how aramuseum.org captioned telephones work-related here.

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