The Redbone Coonhound is an American scenthound breed through an even-tempered personality. When hunting, however, lock are complete of fire and also vigor! Although sometimes stubborn, these hound dogs execute enjoy pleasing your owners. Relatively active, they call for plenty the outdoor activity although they are able to patience down and relax in the house (as lengthy as they room given sufficient exercise). Prospective owners should remember that these are searching dogs, very first and foremost. As such, they prosper on the end hikes, swims and also jogs.

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As lengthy as they get sufficient exercise, Redbones room able come live in apartments however a home in the nation is commonly a better fit for most members of the breed. Bonus – their brief red coats shed very little. Not only does this make grooming a breeze, however it means that that is feasible to live in a clean home with this breed. This said, their droopy-ish lips does mean that they are prone to drooling when warm or excited, so an owner may want to have a few drool rags approximately the house. Some likewise tend to have a “doggy odor” – and while regular baths will certainly help, a prospective owner must be prepared to deal with.

Redbones, like most scenthounds, room not quiet dogs. They were bred to chase raccoons up trees, and once they’d perfect the task, would howl come alert the hunter to their catch. Due to the fact that vocalizing is in their blood, they will certainly gladly and freely use their voice whenever they watch or listen anything that excites them. They may also howl once they play, as soon as they operation around, and even as soon as they eat. Back they might bark together well, castle most typically howl or “bay” – i m sorry is a very distinctive loud, drawn-out sound. For some people, it is prefer music. For others, it is just frustrating.

The Redbone Coonhound, gift the stubborn breed the they are, aren’t commonly recommended because that novice owners. This said, in the right house they space supremely affectionate and also loving. Acquiring along well v kids, various other dogs and even strangers, this is a really sociable breed. So much so, in fact, the they make disastrous guard dogs! This sociability doesn’t constantly extend to cats or little pocket pets, however – their prey drive is understandably high. 


The Redbone Coonhound have to never be allowed to roam off-leash in unfenced areas, together they room prone to wandering and chasing small critters. This food drive must never it is in under-estimated – Redbones that catch sight that a running squirrel can instantly adjust from a mild-mannered beast come a super-intense searching machine. Novice owner are regularly surprised in ~ this sudden change in temperament and must be ready in advance. One off-leash Redbone in hunt-mode is in hazard of gift hit through a car.

These gentle hounds are really sensitive to the emotions of their owners, and also don’t tend to do well in residences that space filled v chaos. Redbones require stability, love, and attention in order to be happy. Being load animals, they should be around their owners on a continual basis, or if that is not possible – castle require various other dogs to store them sane. If not given human being or pets to coexist with, that is common for Redbone Coonhounds to end up being quite destructive, specifically with chewing.

Redbones room intelligent… yet often are more challenging to train 보다 breeds developed to work with civilization such as herding or sporting breeds. Numerous have an nearly ADHD-type personality, and they enjoy putting their very own spin top top commands. They likewise tend come be an extremely mouthy together puppies, and may it is in extra devastating when young so definitely should it is in given regular obedience maintain to get them (and keep them) ~ above the right track. They have tendency to do better with positive-based methods and may shut down if the cultivate is filled with harsh treatment.

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Redbones have been said to it is in the simplest of the coonhound breeds to take treatment of, and also having the most stable temperament the the group. While they retain a strong hunting instinct, castle are less complicated to accommodate right into a family members pet situation. Return they can be preserved outdoors (with canine companionship), they tend to gain the comforts of an at home living environment. The more interaction they room given, the much better a pet they will certainly become! Goofy and also loving, a well-raised Redbone can be a fantastic companion.