ns play highschool baseball and also spend 100% of the time in outfield I deserve to only throw 45 yards something I deserve to do to litter somewhere approximately 60 yards?


It is difficult to say without knowing your age, body type/build, and also seeing her mechanics. Considering you can only throw 45 yds (135 ft. I am going to usage ft. From currently on due to the fact that everything in baseball is measured in ft.) I can guess with practically 95% certainty that your issues are mechanical. 135 ft is only 8 ft. Furthermore than residence to second. If you are using a max-effort, crow-hop throw and also cannot throw it out of the infield over 2nd base from house plate, I have actually to believe that you have an extremely inefficient power transfer in your throwing mechanics.

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It is crucial to note that strength and also build can aspect in together well, but has the limitations. Assuming that you room a normal, healthy, high-school-aged athlete, though, ns am going to say that stamin is no the main point of this issue. The other necessary thing to store in mental is the a baseball only weighs 5 ounces. Therefore, strength has actually a fairly low allude of diminishing returns on velocity (hence why there space no MLB pitchers the look choose body builders).

Key Takeaways:

Get video - seeing yourself and also being may be to slow-moving your mechanics down frame-by-frame is invaluable to identifying and visualizing where you space going wrong.

Evaluate her mechanics - obtain a coach (online or in-person) that knows what they"re doing. If her coach does not use video.. Discover a new coach. Accident in energy transfer occur in fountain of a second, ns don"t care how long you"ve been coaching, girlfriend cannot see that with the naked eye - not to mention, there space literally hundreds of things come look for.

IMPROVE your FLEXIBILITY - This so regularly gets ignored. Probably since doing yoga sounds lame, yet I promise you, versatility is incredibly crucial for velocity. The an ext torque friend can develop with hip/shoulder separation, and the an ext external rotation friend can get out of your arm, the faster and also further the sphere is going to travel.

Play long-toss at least 2 days every week - This trains your muscles because that max-effort throwing. Also, different muscle groups are engaged when throwing long-toss (most comparable to an outfield throw) 보다 pitching off of a mound or throw at typical distances.

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Continue to thrive & get stronger - favor I said, toughness does element in here, and also you will absolutely improve velocity/distance together you obtain older, stronger, and also grow right into your body. That being said, it need to not be her #1 point of emphasis, since until her mechanics are solid, you will always get more gains the end of boosting mechanics over boosting strength.