So long as you’re buying from a reputable firm and there wasn’t one unexpected travel delay, a lobster is nearly always alive when it reaches her door step. In fact, before asking what to do with a dead lobster, you need to be certain it’s in reality dead. Many lobsters display minimal motion when an initial delivered because the cold water has actually put them in a dormant state. Otherwise, it’s most frequently dead once you open up the package because it’s been sitting outside in the elements for as well long. Really rarely, a misstep in handling and also shipping can crack a lobster shell, yet in most cases, the lobster to be alive when it very first reached your doorstep.

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Document and Report the case as shortly as Possible

First and foremost, take a quick photo of the lobster and also the package it came in. And note the time. Then, in most cases, you’ll desire to chef the lobster as quickly as possible. Likewise, try to contact the company as shortly as sensibly possible. Part companies may refund the lobster no concerns asked. Part companies may say there’s nothing they have the right to do. But it’s also true that, at the end of the day, you’ll obtain a better result if friend have evidence of the exact situation.

Live Lobster Guarantees

Many that the best lobster companies do some kind of guarantee the their lobsters will certainly be alive when you receive them. Pretty much all of them have caveats, and for good reason. There space some things that the lobster agency simply can not control.

when you talk to this lobster companies, they’ll phone call you that the most usual reason for a failure lobster shipment is the the customer do a typo as soon as entering their address. Take the extra minute to review over the stimulate confirmation and also triple-check that you didn’t do a typo in ~ the really last moment prior to finalizing the purchase. Likewise, when giving someone the gift of live lobster, trust the the delicious taste of fresh Maine lobster doesn’t need the aspect of surprise. Twin check the you have the correct attend to for the recipient and make sure that they recognize to expect a lobster distribution on that day. If it’s brand-new England weather that’s keeping planes ~ above the ground, the delays have the right to be anticipated and also you deserve to choose between receiving your lobster a day or two late or canceling the order altogether. In rarely cases, a lobster delivery may be base in transit, and it’s up to the travel insurance to guarantee a refund on her order.

Should girlfriend Cook and Eat Dead Lobster?

Most that the time, the price is yes. If cooked in ~ a work or so—again depending upon the temperatures and also conditions in i beg your pardon the dead lobster is stored—the lobster need to be for sure to eat even if it no quite have the same impeccable texture and also flavor. As soon as a lobster dies, the digestive system begins to consume the remainder of the lobster, and also the high quality of the meat begins to suffer practically immediately.

That said, how much and how quickly the high quality of the lobster suffers relies on the temperature. Since lobster providers chill their package come the suggest of placing the lobster into a dormant state, newly dead lobster will commonly last several hrs to a day before it truly goes bad. As soon as lobster is important spoiled, it frequently takes on the consistency of cottage cheese when cooked. An additional tell-tale authorize is to look in ~ the lobster tail. As soon as the lobster is good, the tail will curl under that is body.

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When no to Cook and also Eat a Dead Lobster

Just to say the one more time, these situations are exceptionally rare, yet there space a few situations in which us wouldn’t cook and eat a dead lobster:

You nothing pickup the lobster distribution until the complying with day. Perhaps the delivery person puts the parcel in a edge of the porch and also you don’t an alert until the following evening. It’s a shame, however the lobster may have actually been dead for 24 hours or more. Even if the doesn’t do you sick, an ext than likely, it’s no going to taste very good. The lobster arrives much more than 24 hrs late. Possibly the package was delayed in transit because of a major weather event, however the shipping company still it is intended the package not knowing if girlfriend still desire it. The lobster is dead and also there is indicators of a compromised package. Perhaps it’s a cracked shell and also signs that brunt force damage. Perhaps the package come warm and without the ideal gel packs and also insulating materials. The dead lobster also looks sickly or discolored. This probably method you ordered native a company that’s not listed with quality Seafood Delivery. This might be a diseased, pounded lobster.

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