Nylon collars space the perfect mix of soft and durable. Castle are conveniently adjustable, easily accessible in all your favorite colors, and also your dog will certainly love them due to the fact that they room so comfortable.

Now, the huge question is:

What type of nylon collar have to you acquire for her dog?

We’ve put together a overview to ours nylon collars to assist you decide which will certainly be ideal for you and your dog.

Embroidered Collars

Embroidered nylon collars space surely a classic means to walk! You have the right to have your dog’s name and also your call number embroidered ideal onto the collar and don’t need to worry about tags in ~ all. Even better, girlfriend can pick from 15 nylon colors and 15 object colors come come up with the perfect combination to fit her dog’s style. There is even an embroidered nylon collar choice for small dogs. Watch just how we create our embroidered nylon colors here.

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ScruffTag Collars

If you’re much more of a tag human being than an embroidery person, inspect out ours nylon collars v a ScruffTag. The ScruffTag is developed into the collar and also sits ~ above the scruff of your dog’s neck. No an ext jingling indigenous hanging tags! We even have a collar wherein you choose pick the shade of the ScruffTag. The sign is adjustable so the you can have the perfect fit. Come see just how to change the tag, check out this video.

Martingale Collars


Our nylon collars space also easily accessible in martingale style. These collars are loosened and comfortable, yet snug up when your dog pulls on a leash. Martingale collars are an excellent for training dog that like to pull. The collar evenly distributes pressure, which help the dog discover to not pull top top the leash. They can be embroidered or have an engraved personalized buckle. We likewise have a nylon + chain martingale.

Holiday Collars



Looking for the perfect collar for any holiday season? watch no further! these adorable embroidered collars have actually a Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s day or St. Patrick’s job design. Desire a vacation collar through a tag? check out the vacation ScruffTag collar.

Wedding Collars


Have your dog be a component of this unique time in her life. Require a creative way come propose? get an embroidered proposal collar because that the perfect surprise. Then, permit all your wedding guest know how to share their memorable photos through you through an embroidered wedding hashtag collar.

Designed Collars



Add a small personality to your dog’s collar. Through our Signature architecture Collar, you can have your dog’s name and also phone number together a bone or paw print. The Nautical Collar contains either a sail boat or one anchor because that the water love dog. If your dog’s favorite place to it is in is outside, they would love the Sunshine Collar. This collar has an embroidered picture of sunglasses or a setup sun. If you and your dog are travelers, the Adventure Collar is the perfect choice. Her dog’s name and phone number will certainly be embroidered alongside a compass design.

Patterned Collars


Want a collar with a fun pattern? We’ve acquired plenty to choose from. There’s a collar that has actually a chevron, diamond, paw print or arrowhead pattern. There’s also a nylon striped collar that deserve to be embroidered with your information. Select a unique style with the embroidered maya collar or even have a digital camo pattern!

Personalized Buckle Collars


If you’d rather not have actually a tag or embroidery on your dog’s collar, we’ve got an option simply for you! The personalized buckle collars have actually your dog’s details engraved right on the buckle of their collar. Pick a classic nylon collar, a patterned designer collar, a strip ribbon collar, or also a martingale collar with a personalized buckle.

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Awareness Collars


If there is something around your dog that others must be mindful of, have actually it presented right on their collar. Our organization Dog Collar is embroidered to make sure that those around you know your dog is a business dog. The clinical Alert Collar have the right to be personalized to your dog’s details medical condition.

QR code Collars


A QR password Collar is a an excellent way to ensure her pet is returned house safely! If your dog wanders off and also someone find them, they deserve to use a smartphone come scan the code on her dog’s collar. The password is attached to a profile with every one of your dog’s information. You can also have your phone number top top the tag because that those the don’t have actually phones that can scan. Choose a classic silver ScruffTag or pick a color with a colored ScruffTag QR password Collar.

Reflective Collars


Need a collar the is comfortable and also safe to wear at night? The nylon reflective collars are an excellent for dogs the go on evening walks. Have actually your reflective collar embroidered or select a personalized ScruffTag.

Caring for your Nylon Collar

The good thing about nylon is that is basic to clean. Check out this video clip to view how.

Nylon is an incredibly long lasting fiber but can have a tendency to fray. Luckily, this is super straightforward to fix. Examine out this video to view the simple solution.

Of course you desire your new nylon collar to fit your dog perfectly. To see just how to easily adjust these collars, clock this video.