Your TI-30X II will take care of most portion operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In most cases, if you provide a number together a fraction, the calculator will carry out calculations and return the an outcome as a fraction.So how do you enter a portion into the TI-30X II? First, find the button that has Ab/c on it. We\"ll describe this together the FRACTION button.

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Entering a fractionLet\"s say you desire to enter the fraction 2/3. You could get the decimal value of the fraction by start 2 ÷ 3, but if you do this, it\"s no longer a fraction. Instead, press 2, adhered to by FRACTION, complied with by 3. Currently press ENTER to view the result. You should see the following:2 / 3Entering a mixed numeralIf you desire to enter 31/2 (three and also a half), you execute the same as before, except you use the fraction button one extra time. Enter 3 portion 1 fraction 2 and then press ENTER. You should see the following:3 u 1 / 2.Converting Mixed/ImproperIf you have a mixed number, you may want to convert it to an improper fraction (after all, in Algebra we normally discourage the use of mixed numerals). This counter is easy to do. An alert the text above the FRACTION button - this text shows that the 2nd function that the FRACTION button converts between the two types. For this reason if you still have 3 u 1 / 2 displayed on her calculator, Press 2nd and then FRACTION, and you must now see 7 / 2 which is tantamount to 31/2.And guess: v what! Pressing 2nd and FRACTION a second time will transform it back!

Now you have the right to do portion arithmetic using your calculator, and also it takes treatment of the ugly details because that you.Sample #1What is 1/2 + 2/3?Solution #1Use the portion button to enter the first fraction, climate press PLUS, then usage the fraction button to enter the second fraction. Press ENTER. The an outcome is 11/6.Sample #2Use your calculator to write 11/6 as an wrong fraction.

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Solution #2With the combined number tho in your calculator native the ahead problem, press 2ndFRACTION, and ENTER to uncover that that is 7/6.