Meagan has more than a decade of experience catching and raising worms because that bait. Currently she's share her ideal advice v you.

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Whether you're spring to save money ~ above fish bait or collection worms to farm or sell, the methods debated here can help you get started.

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How to catch Tons of Nightcrawlers (Earthworms)

Whether you're a fishing enthusiast looking to conserve on bait, one entrepreneur plan to sell worms for profit, or simply a lonely heart hoping to coax nightcrawlers out of the ground because that their an excellent company, there space a variety of ways you can get earthworms to come to the surface.

In this article, we discover the top six methods you can use to find and also catch worms. Each of these approaches is questioned in greater detail in the sections below. Save in mind the worm-catching is only most likely to be effective if there room plenty the worms wherein you are searching. If you're not capturing any, move to a various area and shot again.

6 ways to get Earthworms to involved the Surface

Electrocute Them with a vehicle BatteryGrunt for Them v Wood and MetalCoax Them out of the Ground v WaterSoap Them the end of the GroundIrritate Them out of the Ground through Mustard PowderCatch castle Under timber or Cardboard

1. Electrocute Them v a vehicle Battery

Apparently, worms hate being electrocuted as much as any living thing, which is why this technique really walk work.

Supplies Needed

Car batteryTwo long metal rodsJumper cablesRubber-soled boots


Pound the steel rods 2–3 feet into the ground.Using the rubber grips top top the jumper cables, connect them come the automobile battery.Using the rubber grips on the other finish of the jumper cables, connect them come the steel rods in the ground.The worms have to come up to get away native the power underground.Once you an alert a decline in worms comes to the surface, move to a different area and also repeat till you have actually as many worms together you need. Check out the video clip below for much more information.

Safety Note

Electricity is dangerous. The method discussed over should just be used by adults through experience. Work slowly, take it all feasible precautions, and ensure there are no children or animals in the area as soon as handling vehicle batteries and jumper cables.

2. Grunt because that Them with Wood and also Metal

It may sound silly, but grunting for worms is a serious company in some parts of the world, and also there are even competitions dedicated solely to the handmade of worm grunting. While you may not be a grunting champion right away, girlfriend should be able to get a few worms come pop out of the ground, and also you'll likely boost with practice and experimentation.

People fashion all sorts of tools for worm grunting, and also everyone has their very own preference. The simple idea behind grunting is to obstacle a flat piece that metal across the top surface that a much longer piece of timber that's to be hammered into the ground. Experiment through materials and sizes, and see what offers you the finest results. Check out the video below for an ext information.

3. Coax lock Out with Water

Worms have actually sensors that allow them to feel vibrations. They recognize when predators are close by, and also they know when it's raining. Earthworms love to come out of the ground ~ the rain since they don't need to worry about drying out, and they can move around much less complicated when it's wet.

Just before dark, water your entire lawn (or the area ground you space searching) long enough to soak it. As soon as it it s okay dark, friend should have the ability to tiptoe around and also catch nightcrawlers by the dozens. However, they might not come out of the soil entirely, and they are likely to retreat earlier into your holes if friend don't tread lightly.

4. Soap Them the end of the Ground

If you have actually a bucket, fluid soap, and water, girlfriend have every little thing you need to collect lots of worms.

Materials Needed

Plastic bucketWaterDish soap


Mix the soap and also water in the bucket (make sure to usage an environmentally safe soap).Pour the mixture over the ground.Within seconds, you have to see worms coming out of the ground.Repeat this procedure in different areas until you have actually what girlfriend need. Watch the video below for much more information.

Important points to keep in Mind

The soap will make it difficult for the worms come breathe, for this reason rinse lock off instantly after you collect them.Worms will continue to prevent an affected area because that a while as result of the soap residue, therefore don't overdo it.If you do this in your own lawn, you might want to try a small test area an initial to make sure the soap mixture doesn't death or damage your grass.

5. Irritate Them out of the Ground through Mustard Powder

Mustard is no something most human being would associate v worms, yet this an approach really go work. The mustard water irritates them, and also they head come the surface to escape it.

Materials Needed

Watering canDry mustard powderWater


Mix the water and the dry mustard powder in the watering can.Sprinkle the mixture on an area the the ground.You should instantly begin to an alert worms heading as much as the ground and running because that unspoiled soil.Rinse castle off before you keep them to save them healthy.

6. Record Them Under timber or Cardboard

This is not suitable option for human being who an elaborate a quite lawn due to the fact that it deserve to kill your grass, but if you have actually a wooded area that you don't really care about, this might work because that you. Lay under a bunch of boards or pieces of cardboard, and let the worms concerned you. Every couple of days, walk out and lift up the boards. You should uncover quite a couple of worms hiding under them.

Happy Hunting!

Good luck on her worm hunt. Permit me understand what techniques work best for girlfriend in the comments below.

Questions & Answers

Question: What mustard come water ratio have to I usage to capture nightcrawlers from the ground?

Answer: Truthfully, i wish I could give girlfriend a perfect recipe but it’s an ext of a trial-and-error thing. I’ve do the efforts it several times and have obtained varied results. I’ve seen it occupational with very little or a lot of mustard and I’ve also seen that not occupational at all. 

I think it’s much more about where you carry out it, and what the worm population is in the spot. 

Worms are rather sensitive for this reason you most likely don’t need a ton to make it work, but you need enough of the mustard to impact them sufficient to wake up them out of the ground. 

I’ve additionally found the it’s meaningless to shot it more than as soon as in the exact same spot without providing it rather a lot of time in between. Interestingly, I have actually observed that the areas where I’ve tried the soap and mustard methods do not have actually as much natural activity at night as soon as I go out after that rains. Ns don’t recognize if that method the worms prevent that area after that for a if or not, but it to be an amazing observation. 

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Meagan Ireland (author) native Maine on June 14, 2020:

Perhaps shot saturating the ground a little bit more? The worms room there ... It's weird none came up, yet maybe you didn't use sufficient soapy water? I'm sorry! It can be fun watching them all shoot out of the ground.

Josh ~ above June 10, 2020:

I usage the soapy water technique I've used it all over my yard in various spots and also I haven't had actually one worm come out of the ground however yesterday once it rained we recorded just loads what am ns doing wrong

Meagan Ireland (author) indigenous Maine top top April 18, 2020:

Let me understand which one and how it functioned for you!

Kirsten top top April 18, 2020:

I love this I'm gonna shot one rht now

Peter on august 13, 2019:

# 6 is best

CapCarl ~ above June 24, 2019:

Golf greens ~ the watering has stop.

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Ken krieglmeier on may 02, 2019:

The best write-up im walk to shot it best now

Meagan Ireland (author) from Maine ~ above April 14, 2018:

I reap it a lot! I've taken mine kids since they were old sufficient to walk, and also before the they satellite in the stroller with a small pole! lock love it! A fun way to invest time as a family.

Larry W Fish indigenous Raleigh ~ above April 14, 2018:

An exciting article, Meagan. I never ever used any type of of those methods, but on the golf course whereby I provided to choose we got so plenty of nightcrawlers. Execute you favor to fish?