Buying items in the sims freeplay is an essential part that the video game so review this write-up if you room unsure on just how to do it! This post likewise covers selling and storing unwanted items.

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Home Store

The residence store is whereby you buy, sell and store items in the sims freeplay.

Opening the house store– click on the furniture button on the panel presented in the picture below. It will look different depending upon what an equipment you space playing on:

When opened, the residence store itself will also look different depending on what machine you are playing on.

If you room playing top top a larger an equipment the house store will appear as a bar across the bottom the your screen with different sections because that furniture, house (building rooms, decorating, etc) outdoors and also inventory v tabs for different categories in each section.

For instance in Furniture friend will discover the tab because that Living Room, clicking on this will present you all the life room items:

If you are playing top top a smaller machine the home store will show up in a crate filling half the screen, there are no separation, personal, instance sections because that furniture, house and also outdoors ~ above this one, the tabs for different categories room all in this box.

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For example the tab for Living Room deserve to be discovered when you open the residence store, clicking on this will show you every the life room items:

Open the residence storeClick top top the Outdoors ar on the ideal of the barScroll across the bar until you uncover the outdoor Decorations tab, click on thisScroll across the bar come find an object you would choose to to buy (remember you have the right to buy one article that expenses S5,000 or a an option of item that include up come S5,000) ns am going to buy Black dual Garden display that prices S3,000 and also the Black single Garden display that costs S2,000)Click ~ above the item, find a an are on the residence lot to place it and also click top top the green tick come buy (it will flash red and the eco-friendly tick will certainly be greyed out if girlfriend cannot ar the item)

On a smaller Device:

You can likewise use that to move items to a different house:

I to be going to show you how I moved the preteen bookcase however it will work-related for any item you deserve to store!


Press the house store buttonClick ~ above the bookcase, click the inventory button, the bookcase will then be gotten rid of from the houseGo come the home you want to place it in and also click the house store button againFind the inventory sectionThen the tab whereby the item will be found (preteen bookcase will certainly be in preteen tab)Click on the bookcase and also position whereby you want it in the brand-new house, click the eco-friendly tick to ar it

Follow actions 1 and also 2 if you just want come place an object in your inventory.