funny Christmas (Veselé Vianoce) everyone! ns hope every one of you are having a exorbitant day spent with delicious food and your family. Just how do girlfriend celebrate Christmas in her family? critical year, I created a brief article about Christmas in Slovakia. Of course, plenty of of the folks traditions (especially those handling witches) are no much longer followed. However what still remains is the many of delicious food. This year, I’ll be celebrate Christmas with my girlfriend and also my mommy in the US. My mother cooked a pot of the traditional sauerkraut soup and also made a potato salad. I am around to gain the fish ready. However this year, we won’t have any traditional Slovak Christmas cookies. As several of you know, i am in the last stages of mine PhD regimen (on multiscale modeling of hall thrusters).

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This basically left no time for much cooking. I am hoping Santa will carry me a dissertation because that Christmas!