Winter time is here and also if you can be wondering just how to say funny Christmas in Croatian, or maybe exactly how to to speak “Happy brand-new Year” or usage some other winter-related native in Croatian in bespeak to impress your friend or soul mate. Ns am below to aid you with all that!

This will be a rapid one in which friend will learn a few winter holiday-related greetings in the Croatian language.

These will seem a bit daunting to speak if friend haven’t talked any Croatian before, yet if you’re just planning to create them, you’ll have absolutely no problem.

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In the end, it’s the intention the matters and also I am certain that her friends or the Croatian woman you dropped in love with and want to impress will indeed be impressed also if you don’t acquire the together right.

In the end, it’s not choose a lot of world in the civilization speak the language (or try to) so simply trying is really appreciated – I concerned this conclusion based on an individual experience.

But let’s no waste any type of time and also let’s examine out the key things you need to know exactly how to say throughout the winter holidays, climate a few extras to assist you really impress your friends indigenous Croatia.

How to say merry Christmas in Croatian

You have actually two methods of saying it, with the most usual being Sretan Bozic. (the first word is basic to pronounce – together written, but the 2nd is something choose “bo-jee-ch”)

There is another method of saying merry Christmas, and some people believe that that is “more” Croatian to perform so: Cestit Bozic.

We won’t go into discussions now about which is much more “Croat” 보다 the other. Pick any type of that sounds far better to girlfriend – her trying will certainly still it is in appreciated.

But if you want to play it as safe together possible, you should say merry Christmas like this: Cestit Bozic!

If you desire to be more “politically correct” and also don’t risk to wish a funny Christmas to somebody that might not storage it, you can say Sretni Blagdani. This basically meas “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings”.

However, walk with any kind of of the an initial two references is what I imply you to do: world in Croatia love Christmas and also love their Christmas greetings, so maintaining it so formal makes no sense.

I haven’t met a single Croatian the doesn’t storage Christmas, so chances of conference one that would be offended if you wished them a funny Christmas space as close to zero as they deserve to be.

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How to say Happy brand-new Year in Croatian


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