The expression « Life is beautiful » equates as « La vita è bella » in Italian. It is consisted of of the following components:

La (feminine kind of definite article ‘the‘) + vita (life) + è (third person of essereto be‘) + bella (feminine kind of bellobeautiful‘).

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It’s crucial to note that you can not say vita è bella since in Italian, an short article is almost always required in front of the noun. Also make certain not come forget the dig accent above the è. There is no the accent, e equates as and quite than is!

Another possible method of saying « Life is beautiful » is « La vita è bellissima ». The only distinction is the bellissima is more emphatic 보다 bella top top its own. Various other variations include:

La vita è meravigliosa. = Life is wonderful.La vita è la cosa più bella che ci sia. = Life is the most beautiful point there is.
Salta che la vita è bella! = Jump because life is beautiful!

La vita è bella is also the name of a 1997 Italian comedy-drama film starring, directed and also co-written through Roberto Benigni. It tells the story of Guido Orefice, a Jewish Italian bookshop owner who uses his imagination to shield his son from the horrors that internment in a Nazi concentration camp. Both a vital and gaue won success, it became one of the highest-grossing non-English language films of all time.

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Below you deserve to watch a famed scene from the film that demonstrates the comic talent the Benigni.

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