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When i speak English, I deserve to be pretty dramatic.

I’ll be in a conversation saying points like

“That’s sooooooo amazing.”

“That’s incredible. Exactly how amazing!”

“How is that even possible? she freaking awesome.”

So naturally every one of that enthusiasm would transfer over to just how I want to speak Italian, yet sometimes ns can’t find a word strong enough to complement what i really mean.

The solutions?

Be enthusiastic in a an ext Italian way.

Find new words.

I choose both.


Below you’ll find 15 methods to to speak “That’s awesome!” in varying levels in Italian.

— Che grande! – that’s great! (This is usually used to refer to something good that a human being did, and also is not offered for things.)

Che bello! – it is great!

Che fico! – that’s cool!

Fantastico! – Fantastic!

Incredibile – Incredible!

Sei davvero bravo! – You’re really great! (masculine)

Sei davvero brava! – You’re really great! (feminine)

Splendido! – Splendid!

Sei un mito. – she awesome. (Literally: you a legend.)

Sei una meraviglia. – You space a marvel.

Sei il massimo! – she the best! (awesome)

Sei magnifico! – she magnificent! (amazing)

Sei fantastico! – she fantastic! (amazing)

Sei una bomba! – You space a blast!

Sei spettacolare! / Spettacolare! – You room spectacular! / Spectacular!

Your task? go tell one Italian just how awesome castle are.

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Cher began Italian v Cher (formerly The Iceberg Project) in 2012 propelled by a totally irrational enthusiasm for the Italian language and also culture. She believes that every house needs a constant supply that pecorino cheese and also wine, and at the finish of her life, desires to be well-known for spreading smiles choose wildfire.

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diane says

January 20, 2016 at 1:35 pm

So helpful and an extremely interesting referencing all the various grammar genders! great i had time to research my ancestral language come the fullest extent!! give thanks to you


Marco says

May 14, 2016 in ~ 3:01 am

It is also feasible to say: Questo spacca! (This rocks). Che forza! (translation not available)



Chandrakant Jangid says

September 29, 2016 in ~ 7:48 am

hey the Italian “that’s cool” is misspelled. It need to be: che figo*


Cher says

September 30, 2016 in ~ 2:26 am

Ciaoo Chandrakant.