What’s up, everyone? room you prepared to discover Portuguese?In our Dica today, we are going to learn how to say congratulations in Portuguese.

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Congratulations in Portuguese

The many used word to say congratulations in Portuguese is Parabéns. However, we deserve to use different words depending on the context. Below you have the right to see the word:

Meus parabéns!Congratulations!
Parabéns por / pelo / pela…!Congratulations because that the…!
Quero dare parabenizar por / pelo / pela…I desire to congratulate you for the…
Felicidades!I wish you happiness!
Feliz Aniversário!Happy Birthday!
Tudo de bom!I wish you all good!
Bom trabalho!Good / great job!

Congratulations because that an achievement

If a girlfriend of yours achieve something amazing such together graduating or passing crucial exam, this is what we say:

A: Parabéns! Muito sucesso!B: Obrigado!

A: Congratulations! much success!B: thank you!

A: Tudo de bom no seu novo trabalho!B: Muito obrigada!

A: i wish you every good at you new job!B: give thanks to you really much!

Congratulations in ~ a wedding

It’s usual to wish joy to someone who have actually just obtained married. take it a look:

A: Felicidades!B: Obrigado!

A: I wish the best for you!B: thank you!

A: Parabéns pelo seu casamento! Que sejam muito felizes!B: Muito obrigado! De verdade!

A: Congratulations for her wedding! great you are very happy!B: say thanks to you an extremely much! for real!

On a birthday

We deserve to say Parabéns come a girlfriend on his or her birthday but it’s an ext common to say Feliz Aniversário! Let’s see:

A: Feliz aniversário! Tudo de bom para você!B: Muito obrigado!

A: Happy birthday! ns wish you all the best!B: give thanks to you really much!

A: Parabéns, pai!B: Muito obrigado, meu filho!

A: Happy birthday, dad!B: give thanks to you, son!

A: Meus parabéns, mãe! Desejo muitos anos de vida para você!B: Muito obrigado, filho!

A: Happy birthday, mum! ns wish many years ahead because that you!B: give thanks to you, son!

At work

If you desire to congratulate a coworker or one employee, right here is just how we carry out it:

A: Bom trabalho! Os números da empresa estão crescendo.B: Obrigado. O time está trabalhando bem!

A: Great job! We are pumping the agency numbers up.B: give thanks to you. The team is functioning well.

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That’s it, everyone!Now, us know how to say congratulations in different cases in Portuguese.

Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!See girlfriend soon!